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Independence Day is the ninth episode of the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield Hardline.[1] The group returns to Miami where their plan is put to the test. [2]


Going on their assault on Preferred Outcomes, the group do an final sweep before leaving their hideout. Stoddard ambushes the group, holding Tyson at gunpoint as Nick 45T jams after killing two of his assistance. Stoddard, ready to kill Nick is stopped by Khai. Boomer gives Nick an magazine and kills Stoddard fatally.

Captain Dawes calls, as Nick sends him an update of pictures of Stoddard's corpse. The group than leave their hideout, clean and make it to the HQ on the 4th of July. Nick, Khai and Boomer wait for Tyson to get to the pipe, Tyson becomes ready as the trio make it to their van.

Tyson throws the rope down, as Nick and Khai sneak into the building, making it to the elevator and make it the 18th Floor. Tyson tells them that guards are everywhere on the 18th, Nick sends them on the 20th, taking the advantage. Nick lets Tyson in as they try to find the safe for the Brute to hack.

Nick finds the safe under an secret passageway, Tyson puts the Brute on the safe, waiting for it to crack open. Boomer contacts them that Outcomes' Security is coming as they battle them to survive. The guards cut off the power, Tyson and Khai tell Nick (the player) to get an night vision scope on their secondary weapon and get grenades, the security are defeated even without lights.

Tyson is injured by the safe's trigger as Khai watches over him, Nick goes into the safe and finds Khai's cell phone with Dawes calling. Dawes tells Nick that he's hard to kill, and his location is at Santa Rosita as Nick leaves enrage and frustrated.

The group escape by rope, but fall out the building by a police helicopter coming through. Makin it the ground, they defeat Outcomes security and escape with Boomer on the boat.

Related Achievements and TrophiesEdit

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type Information
Some Damn Fine Fireworks Some Damn Fine Fireworks Complete Episode 9: Independence Day 20 Bronze
Real Action Hero Real Action Hero Kill a Criminal in Independence Day from mid-air after escaping the penthouse 25 Silver



  • The comic Dead Space: Extraction can be found on a table in Dawes' Penthouse.
  • When Nick falls down the skyscraper and flies into office full of PO operatives, if the player uses FREEZE, Nick to show his police badge say "Freeze?" before being pulled back out of the room.
  • This is despite Nick not having a police badge at all in this episode, which has instead been replaced with him pointing at the target starting from Gauntlet.


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