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Infantry refers to the branch of an army that engages in combat on foot, rather than on horseback, in vehicles, or operating a crew-served weapon. They are often the most numerous type of unit fielded, and necessary for most every conflict. By sheer numbers they effect control over territory, assets, and civilians. Infantry units can be quickly raised, trained, deployed, and maintained, but are also most susceptible to casualties, deprivation, strain, and stress. As the oldest military discipline, their tactics are the most widely recorded and studied throughout history. Though modern armies increasingly rely on motorized or mechanized forces, wherever there is a battlefield, there will always be 'boots on the ground'.

Though the Battlefield series has featured infantry in every installment, only one class is specifically called "Infantry".

Battlefield 1943Edit

"First onto the beachhead and last one to call it quits, the infantryman is a superb all around fighter. Wielding a sub-machine gun for short range fighting they also pack a rifle grenade launcher to take down buildings, machine gun nests and any vehicle that stands in their way!"

— Official Website Description

The Infantry kit is featured in Battlefield 1943. It serves as the main anti-vehicle kit, featuring an anti-vehicle weapon as well as a wrench to repair damaged vehicles. It is the equivalent to the Engineer and Anti-Tank kits in other titles.

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