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"We are good to go... my chi is mad focused yo."

— Ingham to Miller

Private First Class Ingham is a minor character appearing in Battlefield 3.


Missions with MillerEdit

He accompanies Jonathan Miller in the missions Thunder Run and Fear No Evil as the sabot loader for their M1 Abrams tank under the call sign Anvil 3-3. While his fate is never fully explained, its possible he may have been captured and executed (though not seen) along with Miller.


He speaks to Miller most of the time by radio. He appears to be Miller's adviser, although this is unusual as the loader is generally lower ranked than the tank commander.


  • On his helmet shows the name "Ingham", which may refer to his last name, like David Montes and Steve Campo, who also have scribbled names on the backs of their helmet.
  • His rank is only mentioned in the game's credits.
  • He is referred to by his name only once near the start of the mission, Fear No Evil.
  • He wields the M240B if glitched outside of the tank.

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