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For the similar award in the Battlefield Series, see Medals

Insignias are awards featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. As with Pins, Insignias are obtained by the completion of specific tasks. Unlike Pins, however, Insignias can only be obtained once and award five thousand experience points each.

Insignia List[]

Image Name Description Points Awarded
I07 Long Service Assault Weapons Combat 500 kills with assault rifles. 5000
I23 Long Service Light Weapons Combat 500 kills with submachine guns. 5000
I08 Long Service Support Weapons Combat 500 kills with light machine guns. 5000
I14 Long Service Sniping Weapons Combat 500 kills with sniper rifles. 5000
I17 Long Service Resupply Ops 100 resupplies. 5000
I19 Long Service Maintenance Ops 100 repairs. 5000
I16 Long Service Medical Ops 100 heals. 5000
I18 Long Service Surveillance Ops 100 motion mine spot assists. 5000
I44 Squad Resupply Ops 100 squad resupplies. 5000
I45 Squad Repair Ops 100 squad repairs. 5000
I46 Squad Medical Ops 50 squad heals and 50 squad revives. 5000
I47 Squad Surveillance Ops 50 squad motion mine spot assists. 5000
I43 Squad Combat Assistance 100 squad assists. 5000
I48 Squad Tactical Ops 200 squad spawns on you. 5000
I49 Squad Retaliation Ops 20 squad avenges and 50 squad kill assists. 5000
I50 Squad Teamwork Ops 20 squad defend orders and 20 squad attack orders. 5000
I10 Long Service Radio Warfare 100 tracer plants. 5000
I13 Distinguished Remote Explosives Combat 100 C4 kills. 5000
I15 Long Service Tactical Weapons Combat 500 kills with shotguns. 5000
I38 Distinguished Artillery Combat 100 kills using mortar strike. 5000
I02 Distinguished Sidearm Combat 100 kills with pistols. 5000
I05 Elite Melee Combat 200 kills with the combat knife. 10000
I03 Distinguished Grenade Combat 100 kills with grenades. 5000
I09 Anti Vehicle Combat 200 Vehicle damages. 5000
I27 Superior Service Duty Played online for 1 day. 5000
I28 Distinguished Service Duty Played online for 2 days. 5000
I29 Elite Service Duty Played online for 5 days. 10000
I24 Distinguished Explosives Combat 100 kills using mines. 5000
I25 Elite Multiple Target Combat Get 50 double kills. 5000
I06 Distinguished Anti Vehicle Combat 500 vehicles destroyed. 5000
I21 Distinguished Combat Efficiency 50 Combat Efficiency Pins. 5000
I04 Distinguished Melee Combat 100 kills with a combat knife. 5000
I26 Distinguished Marksman Combat 100 headshots. 5000
I22 Distinguished Combat Excellence 50 Combat Excellence Pins. 10000
I01 Elite Marksman Combat 500 headshots. 10000
I12 Exemplary Marksman Combat 100 sniper rifle marksman headshots. 5000
I33 Exemplary Combat Service Get all combat pins. 5000
I32 Exemplary Weapon Service Get all weapon pins. 5000
I34 Exemplary Vehicle Service Get all vehicle pins. 5000
I11 Distinguished Retaliation Combat 5 Nemesis pins and 5 Payback pins. 5000
I36 Distinguished Weapon Knowledge Get all weapon bronze stars. 5000
I37 Distinguished Vehicle Knowledge Get all vehicle bronze stars. 5000
I35 Elite Service Get all pins. 10000
I20 Combat Veteran 5000 kills. 5000
I40 Exemplary Battlefield Knowledge Get 10 silver stars. 10000
I41 Elite Battlefield Knowledge Get 5 gold stars. 10000
I42 Valorous Battlefield Knowledge Get 2 platinum stars. 10000
I39 Distinguished Battlefield Knowledge Get all bronze stars. 10000
I31 Rush Good Conduct Destroy 100 M-COM stations. 5000
I30 Conquest Good Conduct 100 flag captures. 5000
Di01 Assault SPECACT Knowledge* 100 kills using the Assault SPECACT Kit. 5000
Di02 Engineer SPECACT Knowledge* 100 kills using the Engineer SPECACT Kit. 5000
Di03 Medic SPECACT Knowledge* 100 kills using the Medic SPECACT Kit. 5000
Di04 Recon SPECACT Knowledge* 100 kills using the Recon SPECACT Kit. 5000

* Only achievable after purchase of SPECACT DLC and in the base game of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.