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Interaction is a gameplay mechanic that allows players to perform certain actions with a single multi-purpose button.

Interaction by GameEdit

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

Beginning with Battlefield: Bad Company, the Gold Rush game mode requires attackers to place explosive charges as one means of destroying enemy objectives, and defenders to disarm any such charges. Using a dedicated Interaction button allows the player to perform all other actions (combat, movement) while (dis)arming the charge.

Battlefield 3Edit

The singleplayer campaign for Battlefield 3 has interactive objects at certain points, often used as a means of allowing the plot to progress after exploring an area. This use continues for campaigns in later titles.

Battlefield 4Edit

Battlefield 4 introduces many interactive objects in multiplayer maps as part of Levolution features, serving functions such as opening/closing gates, moving elevators, and starting portable generators. The various expansion packs offer other interactive features such as sealing blast doors or performing operational tests of prototype equipment. A number of other non-interactive objects will react to damage or drone activity, such as releasing blinding gas, or sounding an alert.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

Battlefield Hardline adds interactive doors to certain maps, and objectives in Heist game mode that perform similarly to Rush objectives.

The Mechanic class has the ability to sabotage some interactive objects, as well as vehicles and Battle Pickup cases.

Battlefield 1Edit

Battlefield 1 expands on interactivity with doors by allowing sprinting players to open and close doors, gates, window shutters, and similar objects.

Contextual actionEdit

Contextual actions may be available to a player under certain conditions.

Battlefield 3Edit

Beginning with Battlefield 3, the Commo Rose offers a contextual action when aimed at a teammate. Players may announce their ability to provide a support action or demand it of others, or request a ride from a friendly vehicle. Explosives can be defused by anyone carrying a Repair Tool or EOD Bot.

Deployed gadgets such as the Radio Beacon can be retrieved by their owner by using the Reload button.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

Players on foot gain the ability to pick up first aid or spare ammunition from teammates carrying Medkits or Ammo Crates.

Battlefield 1Edit

Players carrying Bandages or Ammo Boxes can quickly provide these to allies in need by spotting them. Vehicles can be repaired from within by the Tanker and Pilot operating them.

Certain deployable gadgets can be picked up by enemies of the same class, preventing their use by the player. This includes explosives such as Anti-tank mines and the Limpet Charge.

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