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Intercept the Convoy is fourth mission in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 iOS.


Haggard and Marlowe continue on their search for the enemy trucks transporting the server, meeting heavy resistance from enemy forces as they travel down the mountain. After dispatching them, the reach the enemy trucks just as one carrying the server drives away. Haggard then orders Marlowe to blow up the remaining truck with C4 before it leaves as well. Afterwards, they follow the road where the other truck traveled through, only to be met with an MBT. This forces them to quickly go off-road and follow another path to the roadside. After finding the second truck, Marlowe destroys it while Haggard gives cover fire from an enemy Vodnik. Unfortunately the server was not in either truck, causing Marlowe to wonder just what the militia is up to. Redford and Sweetwater then regroup and tell of how they just spoke with a Militia survivor who told of how the server was shipped back to the Militia's base. Flynn proceeds to extract Bravo One Charlie and transport them to the Militia base.

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