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For the version in the Battlefield Vietnam World War II Mod, see Invasion of the Philippines (Battlefield Vietnam)

Invasion of the Philippines is a map featured in Battlefield 1942. It features the United States Marine Corps in combat against the Japanese Navy during the Japanese invasion of the Philippine Islands.


Invasion of the Philippines is a Conquest Assault map with the Imperial Japanese Navy attacking a series of islands in the Philippines with US Marines bases and outpost. The US Starts off with Numerical superiority in terms of vehicles and bases. But will lose their advantage if the Japanese team can start capturing bases from the US team. The IJN starts with a constant ticket loss until they capture one base. While the US will start its ticket bleed after it loses all it bases.

The map itself is slightly naval flavored, with majority of the map taking place in shallow water and the outer map being usable to. However, one can still walk through certain parts with their weapons up due to it being shallow enough to not make the character swim (its denoted on the very light blue mixed with a sand color). Though this leaves players in a slower state and easily exposable to enemy fire ranging from small arms to PT or Landing craft machine gun fire.



Light vehicle(s)

Willys MB

Main battle tank(s)

M4 Sherman

Armored personnel carrier(s)

M3 Half-track

Fixed-wing aircraft

F4U Corsair

Naval vessel(s)

Elco 80


40mm Bofors
M2 Browning

Imperial Japanese Navy
Light vehicle(s)

Type 95 Kurogane

Main battle tank(s)


Armored personnel carrier(s)

Type 1 Ho-Ha

Fixed-wing aircraft


Naval vessel(s)

Type 38


Flak 38


Japanese Ship[]

The Japanese start off with a Hatsuzuki and the accompanying Daihatsus on the rear of the ship with the closest base to it being the East Harbour and its spawned facing north. The ship is free to move on the map that is deep enough and can be used to flank around the map with Daihatsu's and support troops with artillery fire. While the USMC doesn't have any Fletchers on this map; caution should be exercised when approaching the shoreline, as the destroyer can be fired upon by Defguns or Elco 80s which can easily damage the destroyer. Planes additionally pose a threat to the ship until the IJN team takes the Airfield.

If the Hatsuzuki is sunk, it will respawn after 30 seconds. If the Hatsuzuki is sunk and all the Japanese players are killed with no bases captured, this results in an automatic win for the USMC team.

East Harbour[]

Point Boyington[]


Landing Beach[]

West Harbour[]

US Marine Base[]


  • There is code in the ObjectSpawn.con template file for the level for an Allied fleet. It is nulled out and through modding one will be able to spawn a Fletcher south of the West Harbor flag. This was probably due to balance reasons.