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For the version in Battlefield 1942, see Invasion of the Philippines (Battlefield 1942)

Invasion of the Philippines is a map featured in Battlefield Vietnam's official World War II Mod, released with the game's Redux patch. The map features the United States Marine Corps against the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Japanese invasion of the Philippine Islands.

Like the other maps in the World War II mod, the map is a graphically updated version of the previous Battlefield 1942 map.

The terrain and structure models are mostly identical, but the map is improved through the use of the foliage and nature models and content that were introduced alongside Battlefield Vietnam.


"The American Marines, under the command of General MacArthur, were desperately trying to hold the Philippine islands to keep the important ports and airstrips out of the hands of the Japanese. After months of bitter fighting, General MacArthur was forced to evacuate to Australia, where he later vowed to return to the Philippines to reclaim them for the Allies."

— Loading screen briefing


Unlike the other maps of the World War II Mod, the briefing for this map was not taken from Battlefield 1942, because in that game, the corresponding map was not available in the campaign.