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The Iowa-class Battleship was a class of six fast battleships used by the United States Navy brought into service during World War II. Built to a 45,000-long-ton displacement limit, in the Pacific Theater they served primarily as fast escorts for Essex-class aircraft carriers of the Fast Carrier Task Force and also shelled Japanese positions. The four Iowa-class ships built were the last battleships commissioned in the US Navy, with all older US battleships being decommissioned by 1947. Missouri and Wisconsin last saw action in the Gulf War of 1991.

Battlefield V[]

The Iowa-class Battleship is an unusable vehicle featured in Battlefield V, introduced in the War in the Pacific. It appears as a static map object in the out-of-bounds area of all four Pacific maps, accompanied by Fletcher-class destroyers, Yorktown-class Aircraft Carriers and Landing Ship, Tanks. The battleships can occasionally be seen firing their guns at unknown targets.