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It Can Only Be Malice is a Letter featured Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter All Is Ash of the Nordlys War Story.



The furnace has been knocked out yet again. This time I'm absolutely convinced it must be sabotage. At the start of the assignment we gave it a thorough service and it was found to be working efficiently.

After the first incident, we suspected human error, probably by one of the soldiers. I briefed the team and was satisfied that everyone was competent in its operation. After the second outage, I checked the flue again for blockage and did a thorough check that it was drawing air correctly which it was. We had the soldiers come to another briefing on its correct usage.

After the most recent failure which came at the most inopportune moment, I dismantled the equipment and checked all the components for faults. In my professional opinion, there is absolutely no reason for these outages affecting us. The men are also getting restless at my continued tutorials.

Sir, I suggest a trap to ensnare the culprit! For at this point it can only be malice causing such persistent issues. I intend to lay a snare in the soot of the grate at nightfall. It will be undetectable to the naked eye in the gloom. Then we shall know once and for all who is doing this and what ill they bear the furnace. I knew it couldn't be my maintenance work. That furnace should be running like a whistle.

I shall write again with my findings!

Best regards,

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