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Gign van

An Iveco Daily van of the GIGN, similar to the van in-game.

The Iveco Daily is a large van that has been produced by Iveco since 1978. With millions produced around the world, they have also served as transport vehicles utilized by the French GIGN.

Battlefield 3[]

The Iveco Daily is a transport vehicle featured in Battlefield 3 and utilized by the GIGN. It is seen in the singleplayer mission "Comrades", as well as the co-op mission "The Eleventh Hour". It is never available to the player to drive.


  • The van is called "Truckster" in the game files.
  • In "Comrades", the van can't burn but it is possible to break the vehicle parts.
  • Although in real life the van is a Iveco Daily, in-game the van closer resembles a mash of multiple vans including elements of the Ford Transit (3rd gen), and Fiat Ducato (2nd gen).