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"US bombers have been intensifying their runs over Iwo Jima. By pounding the island, the Allies hope to dent Japanese defenses and weaken the resolve of the garrison stationed there. It is unclear whether either of these goals has been accomplished. Now Allied command has launched an amphibious landing on the island. At the forefront of this campaign, a unit will be sent ahead to secure the beachhead and then move inland to capture the main airbase. With its extensive bunker network, fortified defenses and naval artillery, the enemy will be difficult to overcome. However, Allied forces know that by taking Iwo Jima they will accomplish a number of key objectives, not the least of which is gaining control of an airstrip within striking distance of Tokyo."

— Map Briefing

Iwo Jima is a Pacific Theatre map featured in Battlefield 1942, pitting the United States Marine Corps against the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Iwo Jima is a Conquest Assault map. The Americans start with no bases, but have spawn points on the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier, as well as a battleship. The Axis control 4 of the 5 control points on the island; the Airfield, Mount Suribachi and 2 bunker posts in between. The landing beach starts uncaptured, but can only be captured by the allies. Once captured, this becomes a permanent base.


Japan Flag Imperial Japanese Navy
Light vehicle(s)

Type 95 Kurogane

Medium tank(s)

Type 97 Chi-Ha

Fixed-wing aircraft
Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
Light vehicle(s)

Willys MB

Medium tank(s)

M4 Sherman

Fixed-wing aircraft




Allied FleetEdit

Consisting of an aircraft carrier (USS Enterprise) and battleship (HMS Prince of Wales) the fleet is the only initial spawn point for American forces. Both spawn LCVPs, while the carrier also spawns an F4U Corsair and an SBD Dauntless and is home to 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns. The battleship has artillery capability. Both ships are also movable with the player at the helm.

Landing BeachEdit

This can only be captured by the US forces and, once captured, becomes a permanent base. The Beach is covered by machine guns and bunkers on top of the cliffs, and has only one exit road. It spawns two Sherman tanks.

Mount SuribachiEdit


An overview of Mount Suribachi under Japanese control, looking North-East

A large mountain overlooking the island, this initially-Japanese base has a bunker at the top and spawns a tank, either a Sherman or Type 97 Chi-Ha, depending on who controls it. The steep road up to the base is covered by 4 MG42/M2 Browning emplacements also for the same reason. A coastal Defgun is also located here.


There are 2 initially-Japanese bases at bunkers along the road between the airfield and Mount Suribachi. One bunker on either side of the island, they provide cover while the Japanese Bunker has a good view of the US fleet and Landing Beach and an MG42/M2 Browning emplacement either for axis or allies. The Mount Suribachi Bunker is near to an east-facing coastal Defgun.


Initially Japanese, this base provides whoever controls it with 2 tanks, either Shermans or Chi-Has, and 2 jeeps. Naturally, the base also spawns 2 aircraft either A6M Zero/F4U Corsair and Aichival/SBD either for axis or allies and has an anti-aircraft Flak 38 Emplacement. The base is surrounded by 3 coastal Defguns, one facing south, one west and another east.


"The battle of Iwo Jima was one of the bloodiest victories ever for Allied forces in the Pacific. US casualties rose into the thousands. With such a heavy price paid for this victory, Allied Command must think long and hard about its strategy against Japan going forward. Will the Allies continue battle island by island, or is there other means by which to end this war and avoiding such devastating losses? In any event, this victory sends a clear message to Japan, which must now face the fact that they lost one of their most heavily fortified islands in the Pacific. To reinforce this message, US planes will soon depart from Iwo Jima to drop bombs on Tokyo."

— American victory

"The bloodbath at Iwo Jima will long be remembered by Allied command as a failed opportunity to capture a key Japanese position in the Pacific. US forces made a valiant attempt to secure the beach and move inland. Unfortunately, the enemy had too much of an advantage. For every attempted step forward, the US soldiers paid a heavy price. When the smoke clears and the blood washes off the beaches, the numbers will show heavy losses for American fighting men in the Pacific"

— American defeat

"Once again, Japanese forces proved their superiority over the Allies. Their ill-advised on Iwo Jima proved not only that their military leaders are no match for the intelligence of Japan's high command, but that their military units are no match for the determination and courage of Japan's elite troops. Defending this piece of Japanese homeland is a key victory in the battle for control of the Pacific."

— Japanese victory

"Thousands of Japanese warriors fought bravely, but they couldn't stop the Allied invasion. It is difficult to believe that so many thousands of Japanese soldiers on a heavily defended island fortress could not stop the Allied invasion of Iwo Jima. Even with such a clear advantage, Japan's troops lost the island and the key airfields on it. This is a stinging defeat for the Empire."

— Japanese defeat



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