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For other versions of the map, see Iwo Jima (Disambiguation)

Iwo Jima is a map featured in Battlefield Vietnam's official World War II Mod, released with the game's Redux patch. The map features the United States Marine Corps against the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Like the other maps in the World War II mod, Iwo Jima is a graphically updated version of the previous Battlefield 1942 map.

The terrain and structure models are mostly identical, but the map is improved through the use of the foliage and nature models and content that were introduced alongside Battlefield Vietnam.


"US bombers have been intensifying their runs over Iwo Jima. By pounding the island, the Allies hope to dent Japanese defenses and weaken the resolve of the garrison stationed there. It is unclear whether either of these goals has been accomplished. Now Allied command has launched an amphibious landing on the island. At the forefront of this campaign, a unit will be sent ahead to secure the beachhead and then move inland to capture the main airbase.

With its extensive bunker network, fortified defenses and naval artillery, the enemy will be difficult to overcome. However, Allied forces know that by taking Iwo Jima they will accomplish a number of key objectives, not the least of which is gaining control of an airstrip within striking distance of Tokyo."

— Loading screen briefing


The loading screen briefing is taken from the Allied campaign from Battlefield 1942.