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A JB-2 being inspected by a USAAF personnel.

The Republic-Ford JB-2 was a United States copy of the German V-1 Flying Bomb. In reaction to the increasing usage of the Luftwaffe's V1 Rocket program, the JB-2 was reverse engineered in and planned to be used in the United States invasion of Japan (Operation Downfall). While the JB-2 was never used in combat, it was the most successful of the United States Army Air Forces Jet Bomb (JB) projects (JB-1 through JB-10) during World War II. Postwar, the JB-2 paved the way in the development of modern cruise missiles.

Battlefield V[]

The JB-2 Rocket appears in Battlefield V. It is used by both the United Kingdom and United States Armed Forces, acting as the Allied equivalent of the German V-1 Rocket and Japanese KI-147 I-Go Rocket.


In multiplayer, the JB-2 Rocket appears as a Squad Reinforcement, and can be called in to attack a target by a squad leader once the squad has accumulated 41500 points.

Once selected in the reinforcement ring the target is designated by looking through binoculars and moving an orange reticule around 3D space. The rocket then travels in a straight line into the map from a set area outside the map edge, its engines cutting out just before reaching the target and falling to earth. Travel time of the rocket is determinant on the map size and target location - a small map with a target close to the team's deployment area arrives very quickly, while on larger maps like Hamada the rocket can take anywhere up to a minute to detonate. As red smoke is not used to mark the target location players must determine the intended target of an enemy rocket by observing its trajectory, with the loud engine serving as a warning of its arrival.

The explosion has a large blast area, the middle of which is lethal and highly destructive to buildings and vehicles. On the edges of the blast enemy troops may be damaged or thrown off their feet - the explosion cannot damage friendlies, but can knock them to the ground.

Combined Arms[]

The rocket is also featured as a Squad Reinforcement in Combined Arms. It can be called in by any member of the squad once they have collectively accumulated 3000 points. In this gamemode, the rocket can only damage the player who called it in.