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The JS in real life equipped with a sight and a suppressor.

The CS/LS2 (also known as the JS9) is a Chinese select-fire bullpup submachine gun designed in 2005 by Jianshe Industry Group and built by China South Industries Group. It is the export version of the locally built QCW-05 chambered in the more common 9x19mm Parabellum pistol cartridge rather than the Chinese 5.8x21mm DCV05 round. It is also capable of using standard MP5 magazines.

Battlefield 4[]

The JS2 is a PDW featured in Battlefield 4.


The JS2 is the standard PDW of the People's Liberation Army. It is equipped with a Coyote, Laser Sight and Flash Hider. It sports a Hexagon Naval finish.


The JS2 is the final unlock for PDWs, requiring 48,000 PDW score to unlock. The weapon performs similarly to the P90, with both guns sharing low damage per shot, but a high fire rate and similar recoil and spread patterns. They are both bullpup weapons, gaining the advantage of a tight hipfire spread and ADS strafing speed, at the cost of an increased reload time. Unlike the P90's huge magazine capacity, however, the JS2's magazine only holds a 30 + 1 capacity, however this is balanced out by having a much lower recoil.

Controlling the JS2's recoil can be a challenge at first, due to its tendency to kick right more than any other direction. This can be reduced via barrel attachments or by practice. Harder still is ammo conservation. With such a high fire rate and a small magazine size, it is often the case where one is killed because they had run out of ammo.

In regards to attachments, the JS2 can benefit from a wide range of attachments. If the recoil is too much to bear, barrel mods can be attached to tame the weird recoil pattern. A laser sight can turn the JS2 into a even deadlier hipfire machine, as well.

Suppressors are very useful in situations that require stealth. They make the JS2 into a silent powerhouse, able to deal with threats without revealing the user on the enemy's minimap. This comes with the downside of a slower bullet speed, further hindering its ranged capabilities and requiring the user to lead shots further in front of the target than normal.

Overall, the JS2 is a decent weapon, capable of dealing with individual targets but struggling at dealing with multiple.



  • The Chinese characters on the side of the JS2 (中国特种部队) translate to "Chinese Special Forces"; this also appears on the FY-JS and QBS-09.
  • During the Battlefield 4: Weapons Crate Pack update, the weapon's magazine size was changed from 50 to 30. Moreover, the damage model was switched to something that is similar to the P90.
  • As of November 30, 2015, the Battlelog and In-Game info page still lists the pre-updated magazine size of 50+1 round rounds instead of the current 30+1 round.
  • Due to its compact nature, the JS2 is held close to the user's face, and obstructs much of the player's screen as a result; this is especially noticeable when using bulkier scopes such as the JGM-4 or IRNV sight.


  1. When picked up from a table in Kunlun Mountains, it has more starting reserve ammo than the normal max amount.