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"I had forgiven everything... Until I heard they knew about the weapon... Until then! Thats why this country needs to be erased!"

— Agent Aguire

Agent James Wyatt, commonly referred to as Agent Aguire, is the tertiary antagonist of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


James Wyatt was born to Thomas Wyatt sometime during World War II. While his father was presumed to have been killed in the War, he eventually ended up joining the Special Activities Division though his role is unknown.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Bravo-Two Charlie is sent by General Braidwood to Bolivia to extract Aguire, who supposedly knew much about the WMD the Russians were trying to procure. After being taken hostage, a Russian soldier uses him as a human shield when confronted by Bad Company, but Preston Marlowe rescues Aguire. After revealing that all his intel had been taken by the Russians, Aguire sends Bad Company to crash a satellite and retrieve the data server containing Aguire's intel. With the intel back in his hands, Aguire gets Bad Company to find Arkady Kirilenko, who was hiding in Argentina.

Despite Kirilenko's escape, B-Company find a shipping manifest for the Sangre del Toro, and with Aguire's help find the ship and a key piece of the Scalar Weapon. Preston and the squad bring it back to Aguire, but then find out that he has betrayed them and gave the weapon to Kirilenko. Sweetwater reveals he had discovered Aguire's relation to Thomas Wyatt, his father, who was sent on a suicide mission in the Pacific to test the power of the scalar weapon built by the Japanese. Aguire wanted to get revenge on the U.S. in sending his father to his death, but Kirilenko then double-crosses Aguire, shooting him in the kidney and killing him, as he was no longer useful.


  • Aguire's real name is James Wyatt, as evidenced by a line of dialogue spoken by Sweetwater: "...He had a son, James, about your age."
  • It is possible that he originally didn't know that the US had engineered his father's death, since he was surprised when Marlowe read the book about Operation Aurora in the level Sangre del Toro.
  • In Upriver, Haggard mistakes Wyatt as being African-American like Redford since he thinks they're in Africa, until Sweetwater corrects him, saying they're in South America instead of Africa and Haggard issues an apology to Redford afterwards.
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