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The Jeep is a vehicle in Battlefield Heroes. Jeeps have been used for troop and supply transport since World War II, with the introduction of the Willys MB US Army jeep in 1941. It had four-wheel drive, unlike the Kübelwagen, which was used by German forces. Jeeps were used for all terrains and conditions: desert, roads, mud, and even amphibious jeeps were made for traversing on water. Some jeeps were even equipped with large machine guns for use in attack and defense.

Battlefield HeroesEdit

The Jeep in Battlefield Heroes is primarily used as a form of transportation. The Jeep can seat three players, one driver and two passengers. The driver maneuvers the jeep and can use the horn while the passengers can use their weapons and/or abilities to attack enemy infantry and vehicles. Cars are not meant to be an attack vehicle because of its lack of weapons, but a driver can kill enemies by running over infantry (which achieves a "Roadkill") or crashing into other jeeps.

Royal Army Edit

Royal Jeep

A Royal Army Jeep

The Royal Army Jeep is based on the American Willys MB jeep. It has a small star with red and white stripes.

National Army Edit

National Jeep

A National Army Jeep

The National Army Jeep is based on the German Volkswagen Kübelwagen. The Jeep features a Skull and Crossbones on its side.

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Trivia Edit

  • The front bumper the Royal Jeep reads "EA-1", referring to the publisher of the game, Electronic Arts.
  • The Jeep is the only vehicle in Battlefield Heroes to not have any weapons.
  • There is an slight difference between each faction's jeep, the Royal Army jeep is more maneuverable, however the National Army jeep has a bulletproof windshield as front protection.

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