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"Just stay out of my scope."

— Paik

Ji-Soo Paik is a Recon specialist featured in Battlefield 2042. She is unlocked at level 25.


Born in Gwangjiu, South Korea, Paik rose to be an Olympic level speed skater. She was ultimately forced to put her athletic career aside due to military conscription and joined the military like her grandfather before her. Paik was quickly recruited by a Republic of Korea Special Operations Forces (ROK SOF) unit specializing in covert infiltration. Her career in SOF was successful and she later earned herself the moniker "Gumiho" - named after the Korean mythological shapeshifting fox.

During one mission in New Guinea, she was separated from her unit after a vicious attack by an unidentified militia group. Discraced by her mission failure and forced to leave the military, she later found refuge on a No-Pat ship, the Exodus. Her time on the ship led her to join the ship's Task Force. In 2042, she was given the role of a deep cover Recon agent by Oz and tasked with probing the secrets of Daesong’s corporate headquarters.

Paik is described as driven, autonomous and capable as well as athletic and fiercely competitive.


EMG-X Scanner Icon.png
"Makes enemies visible, even through walls."

Website Description

Paik is equiped the with EMG-X Scanner as her specialty. Once activated, it highlights all enemies within a 25 meter range, even through walls. This effect lasts approximately 10 seconds with a cooldown of 30 seconds. Assists will be awarded for any enemy spotted with the scanner and killed by another player. Despite this, the scanner should only be used sparingly. If activated, the player will be spotted on the map for all enemy players for the duration of the scanner's effect. This makes constant use of the scanner ill-advised.


Threat Perception Icon.png
"When taking damage, Paik can triangulate on the shooter and return fire."

Website Description

Paik features the Threat Perception trait. This spots any enemy inflicting damage on her, thereby giving players a better chance to remove themselves from the enemy's line of sight and potentially return fire.


  • Paik was first mentioned in the "Journey of the No-Pats" blog post[1], and briefly seen as a playable character in the Open Beta trailer. She was later revealed with four more specialists in between the Open Beta and launch.


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