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"1-3 will detach Misfit for this mission. You're with us."

— Brady ordering Misfit 1-3 to accompany him in Operation Guillotine.

Joseph Brady is a Captain of USMC unit Haymaker, during Operation Guillotine.


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"We can avert war between our nations. Just two of us.
No politicians, no money changing hands.
Just two soldiers speaking the truth."
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield 3.

Operation GuillotineEdit

He notifies Misfit 1-3 that they are merging with his unit, Haymaker, for the remainder of the operation, and orders them to follow him to the Metropolitan Bank in a Humvee, but the group is ambushed by the PLR on a highway before they arrive.

Brady survives the ambush, and is next seen at the bank, where he orders Blackburn and Matkovic to find a way through the back. After the bank is cleared, Brady orders Misfit 1-3 to secure the vault and search for intelligence. From this point on, he is not seen afterwards in the game.


Captain Brady seems to be a confident leader during Operation Guillotine. He remains calm, and sounds like he trusts Misfit 1-3. For example, when ordering Misfit 1-3 to secure intel in the basement of the bank, he says "Find it. Bag it.", implying he has confidence in the fact that they will complete their objective.


  • In the Co-op campaign, Player 1 uses Captain Brady's third-person model (excluding the goggles) in some missions.
  • His actor, David Menkin, also voiced Preston Marlowe in the Bad Company series.
  • Brady's character model is very similar to the US Recon class in multiplayer. They have the same attire, but Brady wears a combat helmet rather than a shemagh, as well as ballistic glasses.
  • Brady is one of two of the joint-highest ranking characters seen in-game, the other being Captain Cole.
  • At the roadblock where the PLR ambush the unit, Brady will stand against the oil tanker and is subsequently engulfed in the explosion, but is completely unaffected.
  • He may be dead as his forces were still clearing the building when PLR forces surrounded them. However, this is not made clear.
  • When asked about any surviving teams, Campo says there is no one left. This may hint towards his death.
  • In the game's novel, Battlefield 3: The Russian, Brady is described as being somebody that pushes his men hard. During Operation Guillotine, he drives with Blackburn's squad and a PLR prisoner in a HMMWV before being ambushed and, differing from the game's singleplayer, gets killed.
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