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Luftwaffe's Ju-88A.

The Ju-88A was a variant of the German heavy bomber Ju-88, designed by Junkers in the mid 1930s. Essentially, the Ju-88A was the same as the original, but used Junkers' own Jumo 211 engines. It had a crew of four: along with a pilot, the other three could operate the three different machine gun positions and reload the bomb racks. It was mostly used for dive, torpedo and tactical bombing, but also as a heavy fighter.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The Ju-88A is a German heavy bomber featured in Battlefield 1942 exclusively on Battle of Britain. Two of them are used to destroy the four radar towers and the factory.

The Ju-88A is large, slow and can withstand a lot of fire. Although its big size does make it vulnerable to enemy fighters, it makes up for it by having 3 machine gun positions which can be manned by players, one in the front, one in the back and one under the fuselage, so it can defend itself well.

The pilot is able to drop bombs several times, 8 at a time. It is therefore very effective in taking out the aforementioned objectives or large groups of infantry.


Battlefield VEdit

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The Ju 88A will appear in Battlefield V.


The two top and bottom mounted turrets can only turn 180 degrees at the rear, unlike the American B-17's top and low mounted turrets which can turn a complete 360 degrees.