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Jumping is a core movement mechanic present in all Battlefield titles done by pressing Jump, usually bound to the Spacebar on PC. It allows the player limited vertical movement (roughly one meter) to clear small obstacles, or to clear some horizontal gaps. It may also allow the player to dodge certain attacks, while temporarily preventing the player from fighting back.

Battlefield 2[edit | edit source]

Jumping in Battlefield 2 depletes stamina, which is also used for Sprinting. When stamina is depleted, the player cannot jump as high or with as much forward momentum.

Players may also "dolphin dive" by pressing Prone while jumping, allowing them to land in prone position. This technique is somewhat infamous for also providing the prone accuracy bonus despite great physical effort that may be advantageous to the performer.

Battlefield 2142[edit | edit source]

Jumping in Battlefield 2142 still depletes stamina, and also results in an immediate increase of spread (loss of accuracy), and a loss of momentum.

Battlefield: Bad Company[edit | edit source]

Jumping is no longer limited by stamina, as the stamina system is no longer present.

Battlefield 1[edit | edit source]

On horseback, jumping is automatically done by the horse when approaching certain obstacles, or vehicles. This may make it difficult for the rider to attack other vehicle occupants.

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