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The Karabiner Model 1931 or K31 is a Swiss straight-pull bolt-action rifle. It served as the standard service rifle of the Swiss armed forces from 1933 to 1958, at which point it was phased out in favor of the Sturmgewehr 57.[1]

Battlefield V[]

"The sniper variant of the Swiss K31 service rifle, the K31/43 has an integral periscopic scope."

— In-game description

The K31/43 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. Introduced in the 2020 Summer Update, it can be obtained by logging into the game after the update, and will be available for Company Coin at a later date.

The main feature of the K31/43 is the ability to switch between the integral scope with a 3x magnification by default and the weapon's 1.5x iron sights by using the Select Fire key. This functionality gives the weapon a degree of versatility when in-game, but comes with the limitation that higher magnification sights cannot be equipped. The K31 has the same, flat damage model as the Krag-Jørgensen, dealing 60 damage at all ranges. The two also share the same rate of fire, as well as magazine and ammunition capacity - however by default the K31 is clip-fed, speeding up empty reloads. The K31 also has a lower muzzle velocity. This, along with the weapon's other characteristics, namely its low magnification optic and low but regular damage, mean the weapon is generally suited to shorter ranges than most other bolt-action rifles. In spite of this, the weapon's slow rate of fire can hinder the capacity to deliver follow-up shots, potentially leaving the user vulnerable.

The K31/43 deviates quite a bit from the Krag-Jørgensen when upgraded using Specializations, with a left side path of Flashless Propellant, High Power Optics, Bipod and Detachable Magazines, orientated towards long-range shooting, and a right side progression of Quick Aim, Slings and Swivels, Machined Bolt and Bayonet improving close-quarters responsiveness. High Power Optics is an upgrade unique to the K31, replacing Variable Zeroing at rank 2, which increases the integral scope magnification from 3x to 6x. At rank 3, Machined Bolt boosts fire rate to 62 RPM - amount as the Krag. At rank 4, Detachable Magazines gives the weapon a faster reload as well as +1 capacity, although overall carrying capacity is unaffected. Also at rank 4, the Bayonet attachment gives the user a last-ditch option to defend against close-range attacks.