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A SIG KE7 in reality

The SIG KE7 is a recoil operated, air cooled light machine gun. A joint collaboration between SIG's chief engineer Gotthard End and Hungarian draftsman Pál de Király, production of the KE7 started in 1929 in Switzerland until 1938. While the weapon saw export sales, it was never used domestically by the Swiss Army. The weapon features a curved by magazine which is capable of holding 25 rounds.

Battlefield V

The KE7 is a weapon set to be featured in Battlefield V. It was first seen in the Gamescom trailer, and is the default Support weapon at release at Rank 0. The weapon has one of the lowest magazine capacities of the LMGs and a moderate fire rate.


For an explanation of the Weapon Upgrades system in Battlefield V, see Weapon Upgrades.
Rank Left Middle Right
Rank 1 More Accurate Hipfire
Rank 2 Quick Reload
Rank 3 Higher Fire Rate Less Horizontal Recoil
Rank 4 Less Vertical Recoil Improved Stationary Accuracy
Rank 5 Faster Movement While Aiming Quick Aim Improved Moving Accuracy


Proficiency Challenges

Steps Rewards


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