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A KFT Scout in reality.

The Austro-Daimler Model 1909 was a pre-WW1 touring car produced in Austria-Hungary. The vehicle was used by the Kraftfahrtruppen - motorized infantry that equipped the cars with heavy machine-guns on pintle mounts, allowing them to rapidly move into position to engage ground and air targets.

Battlefield 1[]

This item has a Codex entry: KFT Scout

The KFT Scout is featured in Battlefield 1. It is a fast-attack vehicle used by the Imperial Germany.

The KFT has the same passenger layout as its Allied equivalent, the M30 Scout, and is equipped with a fully-rotating pintle mounted Maxim MG mounted to the rear of the cab. Despite being statistically identical to the M30 on paper, the KFT has reduced mobility overall because of its longer wheelbase and lower ride height, which can result in it becoming stuck on terrain obstacles. The KFT does however offer better crew protection from small arms because of its use of doors and raised bodywork.




  • The vehicle's description and associated icon file names suggest the KFT Scout was originally intended to be Austria-Hungary's fast attack-vehicle, a role which is filled in-game by the 37/95 Scout.