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"Developed in the late 20th Century, the modern variant KA-520K Super Hokum remains the backbone of Russia's attack helicopter force. Distinctive coaxial rotor design."

— In-game description

The Ka-520 Super Hokum attack helicopter is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 2042 as the Russian counterpart of the American AH-64GX Apache Warchief. A pair of these are featured prominently in the "Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)" hunting an MD540 Nightbird to little success.

In game the Super Hokum is just like its counterpart the AH-64GX, is a tough yet speedy helicopter which can traverse the tide of battle in a few moments. However, due to it’s armor and heavy weaponary, it’s manouverability leaves much to be desired. Having a good awareness of potential threats i.e. EBAA Wildcat, aircraft and infantry with launchers will help a pilot survive longer on the battlefield. All pilots should remember that a single shot from CG M5 or RPG-7V2 can shoot down any attack helicopter.

The Super Hokum’s default loadout consist’s of Smart Rockets, AA-11 IR Missiles and for protection Missile Countermeasures. The Co-Pilot on the otherhand has access to 30mm Chain Gun fires HE rounds in overheat mechanism with the ability to rotate 360 degrees, giving it unparalleled angles of attack for any target’s below the aircraft.

The loadout customization of Super Hokum is consistent with Apache Warchief in almost all aspects. Readers can refer to their opponents' pages for more information.

Primary Weaponry[]

For Primary Weapons, the default Smart Rocket Pods can lock on and track the nearest ground vehicle while also being capable of dumbfire to handle infantry threats, with the slowest rate of fire out of all of the rocket pods available. The 127mm Anti-Vehicle Rocket Pods deal increased damage against enemy vehicles, but reduced splash effect on enemy personnel, although can still remain effective against infantry with accurate shooting. The 70mm Anti-Personnel Rocket Pods deal additional splash damage and have an increased splash radius against infantry targets, also with the fastest rate of fire and the most ammo capacity, at a trade-off of being much less powerful against enemy armor, but still capable of devastating soft-skinned vehicles and lignt armor.

The weapon that Super Hokum's American counterpart does not have is the Pilot-control dual 30mm Cannon. As it is a chain gun with overheat mechanism, it can effectively and undisturbed confront enemy helicopters and ground vehicles, with the damage is certainly not comparable to missiles. The Pilot-control 30mm Cannon seems to cause slightly less damage to enemy personnel compared to other versions, and the low speed required for continuous firing is also a considerable threat to survivability. Perhaps that's why it was the last unlocked customization.

Secondary Weaponry[]

AA-11 IR Missiles which lock-on to Aircraft, Air-to-Ground Missiles which Lock-on to Ground Vehicles and Wire-Guided Missiles which are Manually Guided by the Pilot. The Helicopter and Jet anti-vehicle missiles have the same 800m range after UPDATE #6.2.0.[1]


Missile Countermeasures which Deflect incoming Missiles as well as prevent any lock-on’s during it’s use and the Repair System which Replenishes the Vehicle’s Health as well as Fixes any Damaged Components however any Damage will interrupt the Repair Process.