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The Special Type 2 Launch Ka-Mi was the first amphibious tank used by the Imperial Japanese Navy, introduced in 1941. The vehicle was based on the Type 95 Ha-Go light tank, with the design modified to accept propellers and attachable flotation devices, that when installed allowed the tank to travel on water. Around 180 vehicles were built in total.

Battlefield V[]

"This amphibious tank employed air-tight front and rear mounted pontoons, each divided into multiple sections internally to minimize flooding when damaged."

— In-game description

The Ka-Mi is a vehicle introduced in Battlefield V with the War in the Pacific Tides of War chapter. The amphibious tank is used by the Japanese, with the USA equivalent being the LVT.

The Ka-Mi has a crew of four. The Driver controls the vehicle and the turret armament, initially consisting of a 37mm tank gun and coaxial MG, which has slightly higher impact damage than the 37mm on an unupgraded LVT.[1] Compared to the size of the hull, the turret is quite small and difficult to hit and thus disable, although the amphibious adaptations interfere with its operation somewhat. The turret has limited depression when aiming to the front or rear because of the lengthened hull, which makes it difficult to hit enemies standing directly next to the tank hull. In addition, a tall metal structure over the engine deck obstructs line of sight when aiming behind the tank.

Out of its three gunners, the Top Gunner operates a pintle-mounted machine gun from a partially exposed position atop the turret. The left and right gunners are protected by the hull armor, but as with the driver, the large floation screen prevents these guns from firing directly forwards, as on the LVT. Instead each gunner has control over a machine gun located to the front left and right of the flotation screen around the tank hull - from these positions, only the sides of the tank can be covered. With weaker armament and larger hull size, the Ka-Mi's primary advantage over the Chi-Ha is its mobility. In addition to its ability to drive on water, the Ka-Mi can reach a respectable top speed on both land and sea.

In terms of Specializations, the player has the choice of switching out the tank's turret armament for a 120mm Howitzer, 75mm Tank Gun, or Twin 13mm AA HMGs. The Howitzer has significantly increased damage and blast radius over the 37mm at the cost of increased reload time and projectile drop as well as limited ammunition capacity. The 75mm offers a middle ground between the gun options, boosting damage while sacrificing some reload speed. The Type 93 Twin HMG upgrade replaces the turret armament with two HMGs, which are highly effective against both infantry and aircraft. This upgrade also grants access to the AP ammotype, which allows the tank to inflict light damage to armored vehicles. Alternative to this, the coaxial MG can be exchanged for a flamethrower to reduce the tank's close-range anti-infantry vulnerability.