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"I thought I was an objective journalist, seeking to find out if No-Pats were the villains the world made them out to be. Little did I know that the answer would take me around the globe to places now engulfed by war. I set out to report their story, but it has become my own. This is our journey."

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Kayvan Bechir is a main character in the "Journey of the No-Pats" blog post in Battlefield 2042.[1]

He is a journalist based in Qatar researching No-Pats that have decided to bear arms. He is contacted by "Oz", commander of a notorious No-Pat faction eager for publicity. Shortly afterward he was forced to flee from the country. He later meets with Pyotr Guskovsky and joins the No-Pats.[2]

While travelling across the globe, he continues documenting the stories of fellow No-Pats and their run-ins with authorities. He travels from Qatar, India, Singapore, South Korea, French Guiana and Antarctica before deciding to depart the group at Sierra Leone to go to Egypt. Broken by the difficult voyage and numerous injuries collected along the way, he intends to join Synseco Agritech's corporate communications team.[3]

However, his plans are cut short when Oz diverts the task force towards England to retrieve intel that leads back to Qatar. The captain of the task force realizes what Oz plans to do with the intel and stages a hasty defense. During the firefight, Bechir discovers and liberates a captive US Marine, who would later rescue the captain's son at the cost of his own life. With war approaching quickly, Bechir resolves to stay with the No-Pats as a signal corpsman.[4]