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"Kbely Airfield was used as a research base for highly classified aircraft."

— In-game briefing

"Strange stories are coming out of an airbase near Prague. Rumour has it the Germans are developing a UFO-like aircraft in one of the hangars on the base. Civilians have heard some sort of vehicle being tested, but nobody has seen anything... because the Germans have gone to their homes and blacked out all the windows facing the test area. The Germans control three towns to the south of the base, so verifying this fantastic tale will be no easy task."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual

Kbely Airfield is a map featured in the Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion. The German-occupied airbase near Prague is the target of an British Commandos raid to destroy top secret aircraft being tested by the Luftwaffe.



Flag of the United Kingdom.svg British Commandos
Light vehicle(s)





T34 Calliope
M4 Sherman


M2 Browning
40mm Bofors

Flag Germany 1933.png German Elite Forces
Light vehicle(s)




Light tank(s)

Panzer IV

Fixed-wing aircraft



Flak 38

Battle pickup(s)



On this map, there are some vehicles not tied to any control points. They will be referenced by the nearest landmark.


The German main base, located on the north of the map. Near it, two jetpacks, a Flak 38, a Panzer IV, two HO-229, four MG 42, four R75 and a Hanomag can be found.


The German control point that is closest to the British base, located on the west. Under German control it will spawn an R75, and under British control it will spawn a XA42.


The German control point located in the center of the map. It will spawn a jetpack and R75, or a jetpack and XA42, depending on the faction controlling the point.

Between the Toll Booth and Central House there are in addition a Flak 38 and R75.


The German control point located on the east. It spawns a R75 or XA42 depending on the faction controlling the point.

Between the Central and Eastern Houses there is additionally a Flak 38.


The British main base located on the southwest, which is uncapturable. It spawns two AA Allies, an AT-25, three XA42, two M3A1, and a Sherman.


  • At coordinate G5, to the east of the windmill, there is an R75.
  • At coordinate C3 there is an isolated house with a Hanomag.

Capture the Flag[]

The layout of control points is the same as conquest, except:

  • The Toll Booth is now an uncapturable British starting point.
  • The Eastern House is now an uncapturable German starting point.
  • The Central House starts neutral and can be captured to provide a spawn point.

The objective flags are located at the Allied Base for the British and at Kbely Airfield for the Germans.

The vehicle layout is also the same, but the two HO-229 have been removed.

Team Deathmatch[]

The layout of control points and vehicles is the same as Conquest, except:

  • The Allied Base and Toll Booth are now both uncapturable British control points.
  • Kbely Airfield and the Eastern House are both uncapturable German control points.
  • The Central House starts neutral and can be captured to provide a spawn point.


"The Germans are housing secret technology, reportedly an alien spacecraft, inside a hangar on the Kbely airbase. A team can win by reducing the opposition's tickets to zero. The British can reduce the German tickets quickly by destroying the secret aircraft. The Germans can reduce the British tickets gradually by defending and maintaining the secret aircraft."

— Objective Mode Briefing

One of the two objectives to be destroyed.

The Allied Base remains the British uncapturable starting point, while Kbely Airfield is now the German uncapturable starting point. The three other control points now start neutral. The vehicle layout remains the same from Conquest.

The British team must destroy two objectives:

  • Focke Wulf 1, located in a hangar directly to the south of Kbely Airfield,
  • Focke Wulf 2, located in another hangar to the east of the airfield. The HO-229 spawn in front of this hangar.

The front gates of each hangar have been opened wide enough just for infantry to enter. Alternatively, the hangars can be entered from the rear.

Each objective can take 675 points of damage.


"The Allied attack is an astounding success. Their initial assault is met with only light German resistance, and they manage to secure and surround Kbely Airfield. Before German reinforcements could mount a counterattack, the British storm and overrun Kbely, destroying the U.F.O. in the process. The German's prized technology wiped out, the Luftwaffe would be no match for the Allied forces in the battles to come."

— British Victory

"The British intelligence on Kbely Airfield was poor, greatly underestimating the importance of this installation to the Germans. Severely outnumbered from the start, the British are cut to pieces by superior German air power. The futuristic, almost alien designs of the German aircraft demoralized the British forces and became the source of the most bizarre war stories ever heard."

— British Defeat

"The fierce defense of Kbely by the German Elite was more than enough to hold back the Allied assault as the new, technologically superior Luftwaffe decimated the British. The secrets held within Kbely would remain out of the Allies grasp, eventually leading to the devastation of Allied air forces at the hands of the Luftwaffe."

— German Victory

"The German dreams of air superiority are smashed after underestimating the skill and prowess of their enemy. The British Commandos used the cover of night to their full advantage, sweeping through the surrounding countryside and killing the German defenders before any alarms could be raised. The British capture the airfield without significant resistance, the occasion becoming a stain in the otherwise exemplary record of the German Elite."

— German Defeat


  • A fifth MG 42 was supposed to appear near Kbely Airfield, but due to a coding error, it appears isolated, floating in the air at coordinate E8, outside the combat area.