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Kbely Airfield is a map featured in the Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion. This battle by SAS soldiers against a Waffen-SS army in the Czech Republic took place in March 1945 just two months from the war's ending in Europe. The target is an airfield that tried to destroy most of the SAS's Russian allies from occupying Germany's Eastern European allies and also on Anglo-American divisions inside Germany in capturing cities such as Essen and Berlin.

Kbely Airfield

This airfield is Luftwaffe Commander Robert Ritter Von Griem's main headquarters and base of operations. This will feature air force technology and army brigades on here. Despite this lot, there are Flak 38 guns and MG42 gun posts to stop the SAS from capturing the airfield. German forces must hold this airfield and other outposts to have the British losing their tickets.

British Base

The base, under SOE head Sir Charles Hambro, has army brigades and possibly, an air force to attack with. Commando rafts and rafts are good in the water for SAS troops to cross and get ashore to destroy Kbely Airfield.



  • Inside both of Kbely Airfield's hangars are German prototype aircraft, one in each hangar. In Objective mode, the game lists them as "Focke Wulf Prototype (1 or 2)".
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