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"For my family and my homeland."

— Keisuke Nakamura

Battlefield V - Elites - Keisuke Nakamura

Battlefield V - Elites - Keisuke Nakamura

Keisuke Nakamura is an Elite available in Battlefield V for the Axis Powers in The Company. He was released alongside Jack Culver in Tides of War Chapter 5, War in the Pacific on November 19, 2019.[1][2]

As with other Elites, Keisuke Nakamura will feature a unique best squad animation and an exclusive melee weapon, the Hachiwari. It is unlocked upon completion of Keisuke Nakamura's Special Assignment.


Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan

A scholar before conscription, Tactician. Renowned talent to find the perfect moment to strike. An authority on the battlefield. Skilled sidearm marksman. Believes a precision attack is more effective than the largest raid.

Special AssignmentEdit

Image Name Description Criteria Reward
Battlefield V Elites Assignments Orange Keisuke For my family and my homeland.
  • Complete any three tasks
    • Inflict 1,000 damage with sidearms
    • Complete 10 squad orders
    • As a squad, kill 20 enemies within 30m
    • Melee kill 1 enemy




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