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The Kettenkrad (English: Tracked Motorcycle) is a light tractor for German airborne troops designed to be delivered directly by aircraft, not by parachute. By the time production ceased in 1944, almost 8,345 were made and over 500 more were built postwar for agricultural use.

Battlefield 1942[]

"The Kettenkrad is a very versitile[sic] reconnaissance vehicle suitable on nearly any kind of terrain. The passenger can cover an escape using the rear facing machine gun."


The Kettenkrad is a vehicles featured in Battlefield 1942. It is used by German forces, replacing the Kübelwagen as the faction's light transport on certain maps. The vehicle seats two, with one driver and a gunner that is armed with a rear-facing MG42.



Battlefield V[]

"If a motorcycle and a tank had a bastard child it would be the Kettenkraftrad. It had a narrow tracked rear and a single steering wheel to the front. It was intended as a light tractor for German airborne troops."

— In-game description

The Kettenkrad is featured in Battlefield V, first appearing in the Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer.


The vehicle appears as a neutral vehicle at several times during the singleplayer war stories Under No Flag and Nordlys, featuring most prominently in the final sequence of the latter, where it is used by Solveig to chase down a convoy of Opel Blitz trucks.


Kettenkrads are used by both Germany and the United Kingdom. It has a chance of replacing any other light vehicle spawning on a flag controlled by either team, as well as appearing as part of each teams' initial complement of vehicles on certain maps such as Conquest on Narvik. The vehicle can carry two people, a driver and a passenger. The passenger has access to personal weapons, but can only fire in towards the rear of the vehicle. The Kettenkrad can tow stationary weapons.

Having no offensive armament aside from passenger small arms, and with occupants completely exposed to fire, the Kettenkrad primarily serves as a light transport vehicle. It is fairly quick when on roads, while its unique tracked drive allows it better cross-country and obstacle clearing performance than wheeled vehicles such as the Kübelwagen. However, its small health pool and nonexistent armor means it can be easily destroyed by most explosive weapons.


The Kettenkrad also appears in Firestorm, where it spawns randomly around the map of Halvøy. Like all other vehicles in firestorm, it cannot be repaired and has a depleting fuel supply that limits its mobility.