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The city of Kharkov (Ukrainian: Харків, Russian: Ха́рьков) was subject to four battles between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in World War II. In the first battle, in October, two German armies surrounded the city and captured it. In the second battle, in May 1942, the Soviets attempted to retake the city but were stalled by counterattacks and then cut off from their objective by a German flanking attack. In the third battle, in February 1943, the Red Army launched a number of attacks that broke the German defense lines and recaptured several cities, including Kharkov. However, the battles exhausted the Soviet troops, and German retaliation soon brought the city back into their hands. In the fourth battle, in August of the same year, the Red Army finally retook the city permanently. One such engagement is a map featured in Battlefield 1942.


"Toward the end of the long winter offensive, Stalin ordered a swift assault on Kharkov. Both sides suffered incalculable losses during terrible weather, but Russia has begun to gain some momentum against the enemy. It is now becoming clear that the Germans are spread too thin due to Berlin's over-ambitious attempts to wage battle on multiple fronts. Outside of Kharkov, the Russian offensive pushes onward. In the wooded area of the Donets River basin, Russian armored divisions have unveiled a new rocket launcher, the Katyusha (also known as the "Stalin Organ"). Mounted on trucks supplied by the Americans, this devastating weapon is wreaking havoc on enemy troops."

— Map Briefing


At the start of the game, Soviet and German forces each have an uncapturable base on either side of the map. Between the bases is an island, with a connecting bridge either side. Near each bridge, at the ends closest to the respective bases, are capturable points. On the island is a large hill, atop which lies a third capturable point. This is home to artillery, as well as flak and machine gun emplacements.


Red Army
Light vehicle(s)

Willys MB

Light tank(s)


Armored personnel carrier(s)

M3 Half-track

Self Propelled Artillery


Fixed-wing aircraft

Il-2 Sturmovik


M2 Browning
40mm Bofors

Light vehicle(s)


Light tank(s)

Panzer IV

Armored personnel carrier(s)


Self Propelled Artillery


Fixed-wing aircraft

Ju-87 Stuka


Flak 38


Soviet BaseEdit

The Soviet base is a farm with a small converted airstrip, The layout consists of two houses and a barn. The two houses haveidentical layouts with nothing of interest inside. The barn holds two ladders which can be used to climb up to the second and third levels. The barn also contains an ammo crate to the left of the eastern entrance, and a medical cabinet to the right. The base spawns two T-34-85s and M3 Halftracks, one Willys WB, a Yak-9 and an Ilyushin-2. 

German BaseEdit

The German base is an identical clone of the Russian Base. Two Panzer IVs and Hanomags, one Kubelwagon, a Ju-87 and a Bf-109 spawn here.

Western BankEdit

The Western Bank flag is a flag point which acts as the Allies' staging ground to assault the city. It spawns one light tank and an MG position that points towards the bridge. The building ruins provide limited cover.

Kharkov HillsEdit

This flag is the highest point of the map. A road leads up from the ruins of the city to the top of the hill, where two houses can be found. Spawns flak guns and artillery. The house in front of the flag has an ammunition box to the left of the door, and a medical cabinet to the right. Whoever holds the Hills point has an advantage because, in addition to causing enemy ticket bleed, the flag can be used as a vantage point to pound enemy attacks attempting to cross the river.

Eastern BankEdit

The Eastern Bank flag is a flag point which acts as the Axis' staging ground to assault the city. It spawns one light tank and an MG position that points towards the bridge. The building ruins provide limited cover 


"The winter has worn down the Germans, and now Russian troops are mounting on successful campaign after another on the Eastern Front. The weather is cold for the soldiers on both sides, but it must seem even more bitter for the enemy or they succumb to the blasts of Russia's powerful new weapon, the "Stalin Organ". This war is far from over, but Stalin can envision more than ever a Russian push that won't stop until it reaches Berlin."

— Soviet Victory

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