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"Where I come from, trust is earned."

— Kimble to Hannah in Singapore

Captain Kimble "Irish" Graves is the captain of the No-Pat destroyer MFS-04 Exodus and former United States Marine Staff Sergeant. During the War of 2020, Irish was assigned to Tombstone Squad alongside Clayton Pakowski, Daniel Recker, and William Dunn. Sometime after the war, Irish had left the USMC and choose to become a No-Pat, eventually becoming the Captain of the Exodus.

Irish appears in Battlefield 4's singleplayer campaign as a non-playable character, and appears in Battlefield 2042 as a playable specialist.


Kimble Graves is from the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. By 2020, he has a family consisting of a wife and three kids. He went to George Westington House (GWH) High School in downtown Brooklyn. After graduating, he joined the United States Marine Corps, eventually being assigned to Tombstone Squad. When Clayton Pakowski joins Tombstone a year before the War of 2020, Graves has already gotten the nickname "Irish"; and treats Pac as the group's little brother.

Battlefield 4[]

Splr bf4.png
"You'll back me up, right?"
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield 4.

While in Baku, Irish gets separated from the others after the hand-off. By the time his squadmates regroup at their safehouse in an abandoned school, he already has multiple Russian soldiers and attacks dogs after him. Upon reaching the safe house, two attack dogs reach him; he shoots one and punches the other. After Recker, Pac, and Dunn eliminate the hostiles, Pac helps Irish into the safe house. However, Irish comments that "I guess this safehouse ain't so safe."

In Shanghai, he is responsible for bringing back 396 refugees to the USS Valkyrie.

On the USS Valkyrie in the South China Sea, Recker and Pac find him with the Chinese refugees, which he manages to headcount.

After Tombstone escaped the disabled USS Titan with vital intelligence and return to the USS Valkyrie, they find Hannah fighting two Chinese soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. By the time Pac finally breaches the door, Hannah had already incapacitated the soldiers, which makes Irish suspicious of her. Even though Kovic orders her to escape, she joins Tombstone as they fight to retake the Valkyrie, showing a great deal of combat knowledge. After Kovic is mortally wounded in the ensuing battle, he tells Tombstone that Garrison needs to trust Hannah.

Garrison assigns Hannah to Tombstone for a mission to blow up an airfield in Singapore. However, as Hannah's loyalties were still in question—and the fact that he was kept in the dark about Hannah's new assignment and the plan—Irish openly expressed his distrust in her, saying that he has "a problem with liars!" After the Valkyrie missiles destroy the airfield, Hannah betrayed Tombstone and brought the Chinese PLA to them after crashing a stolen jeep during the escape from the airfield. She subsequently followed the PLA to the Kunlun Mountains, where Irish and Recker would be tortured then held in.

In the prison break that followed, Hannah—who figured out that it was Dima, Recker and Irish's doing—followed the clean-up squad tasked with eliminating the escapees, and subsequently eliminated the squad while their attention was on Recker and the others, thus saving the trio. Irish attacks her, still enraged by Hannah's betrayal and Pac's apparent death, until she finally explains herself (thanks to Dima intervening): She is a Chinese Secret Service agent tasked with protecting Jin Jié, who had been posing as Hannah's husband to protect him. As they exit the prison and enter the cold, open-air, Hannah returned Recker's tactical binoculars to him, to Irish's visible surprise. Later on, Hannah revealed to Irish and Recker her story about her family and village being destroyed by Chang's men. Mortified, Irish apologizes to Hannah for not trusting her; she brushes it off, reminding him of something he'd said in Singapore: "Trust is earned."

As Tombstone reached Tashgar, they met with Molina and his fellow Marines in a hideout. Irish's stand towards Hannah shows to have softened when he introduces her as "good people". After Molina directs them to Old Town, they meet with Major Greenland. They strike a deal with her: If they can destroy the Russian-controlled dam, where SAMs were threatening Marine air units, Greenland will provide them with westbound transportation. Seeing the dam and its damaged area, Irish tells them that they will need to "gut it from inside" by planting the charges at the destroyed section. Hannah asks if Irish has an engineering degree, and reveals that she indeed possesses a medical degree when he says, "I got an engineering degree like you got a medical degree." After Tombstone detonates the charges, they notice there were only two explosions. Eventually, the third charge detonates and the structure collapses, dropping all three into the ensuing flow. After things come to a standstill, Hannah saves Irish from being trapped in a pile of "something we'll never talk about again" before finding Recker.

Greenland fulfils her part of the deal: A gunship plane going west towards the USS Valkyrie, which had earlier unwittingly entered the Suez Canal right in the middle of a full-on battle between the Chinese and American navies. Hannah helps Irish, jokingly telling him to aim any puke on the enemies below. Once Tombstone parachutes onto the Valkyrie, they begin to fight their way inside, eventually reuniting with Pac, Garrison, and Jin Jié.

After Jin Jié halts all hostilities, Chang orders the USS Valkyrie to be destroyed. Tombstone races for an RHIB to set off for Chang's battleship. On the way, Pac and Irish ask Hannah if she and Jié are married or not; she replies with, "I'm married to what he stands for"; and that until things change for the better, she will keep fighting.

Reaching Chang's warship, Hannah, Recker, and Irish enter its blind spot, unhindered by any further enemy movement, and had proceeded to plant charges to detonate and destroy the battleship. However, just as Tombstone grapples to safety, Hannah realizes that the charges did not detonate. Both Irish and Hannah volunteer to take Recker's last C4 charge to detonate the failed charges on the the PLAN destroyer. Recker chooses Hannah, who returns to the ship and detonates the explosives, saving the Valkyrie but likely dying in the process.[2] After the destroyer explodes, Irish commends Hannah for fighting for "every fucking thing she believed in."

Battlefield 2042[]

"The world wants to forget we exist. We will force them to see."
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield 2042.

Affected by his experiences in 2020, Irish eventually leaves the Marine Corps and has another son named Omar, who is seven years old by October 2042[3]. After the massive global disasters of the mid-21st century displace over 1.2 billion people, Irish is reminded of his experience with the refugees in Shanghai[4]. Desiring to shelter as many innocent people as he can from war, Irish becomes a No-Pat Specialist, eventually becoming Captain of the MFS-04 Exodus Arleigh Burke class destroyer and its No-Pat Task Force.[3] Omar would stay with Irish aboard the ship as he traveled the world on his mission.

Journey of the No-Pats[]

By August 2042, Irish had begun working with the militartistic No-Pat leader known only as "Oz", believing that No-Pats would need to unify as a whole in order to have a real place in the world, although he was frequently at odds with Oz's approach to the cause.[3] At Oz's behest, Irish brings the Exodus to the Cheftaya Neft oil facility in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica to rescue some of Oz's Specialists stranded there. After exchanging warning shots with the Russians at the facility, Irish successfully extracts the Specialists who join his Task Force aboard the Exodus.[5]


While on a frieghting mission to Freetown Port, Sierra Leone with 200 refugees on board, the Exodus is contacted by Oz, who orders Irish to reroute to the flooded city of London, England.[6] There, Irish enters the city alone to meet a contact with information critical to Oz. The contact is killed by an unknown shooter shortly after Irish locates him. Returning fire, Irish manages to wound the attacker and discovers that is his former Tombstone squadmate Clayton Pakowski. Recovering the contact's briefcase, Irish brings Pac back to Exodus as a prisoner to recieve medical care.

Oz then directs Irish to sail to a set of coordinates in the Mediterranean Sea, where three MV-38 Condors with Oz's men will pickup the briefcase. Nearing the site on October 20, 2042, Irish visits Pac in the medical bay, where he is still handcuffed to his bed. Pac accuses Irish of being a traitor for taking money from Oz for the job, but Irish states he is only conerned about the refugees aboard the ship, which now includes Pac. Pac warns that intel Oz wants will allow him to start another global war and that Irish can't give it to him, which Irish disregards and promptly leaves the med bay, saying he already knows what he's fighting for.

On the bridge of the Exodus, however, technical Specialist Navin Rao has accessed the contents of the briefcase against Irish's wishes, discovering that it contains intel regarding the future crash site of an American satalite weapon that will fall from orbit in 36 hours. Realizing that Pac was right and that Oz plans to hand over the intel to the Russians to force a war with the Americans, Irish decides he won't turn over the intel as the Condors begin approaching the Exodus. To evade them, Irish directs the ship into the heart of a nearby category 5 tropical storm.

The Condors give chase, with Oz having figured out Irish's betrayal. The gunships open fire on the Exodus, and as they enter the storm begin deploying troops onto the deck of the ship. Irish leaves the bridge with the briefcase to help his Task Force fight off the attackers. Two of the Condors collide with each other because of the storm winds and are destroyed, but the remaining Condor continues to fire on the Exodus. Retrieving a FXM-33 AA Missile missile dropped by a fallen Specialist, Irish attempts to shoot down the Condor but is chased off the top deck of the ship by gunfire.

Landing hard on the lower deck and momentarily stunned, Irish looks up to see one of Oz's soldiers holding Omar at gunpoint. Oz contacts Irish through his headpiece, expressing his disapointment and threatening to kill Omar if Irish does not hand over the intel. Irish slides the briefcase across the deck to the soldier, telling Oz that millions of No-Pats will die in the crossfire of his war. Oz justifies it as the price for a new world, and the soldier prepares to kill Omar. Before he can pull the trigger, Pac shoots the soldier from the top deck, saving Omar but exposing himself to the Condor, which fires at Pac and kills him. Hiding Omar behind a shipping container, Irish grabs the fallen FXM-33 and destroys the Condor.

Later, Irish locates Pac's body and takes his dogtags, saddened by his friend's death. Irish discovers that the soldier Pac shot managed to send the intel to Oz before he died. Oz contacts Irish one last time, telling him that history will remember this, with Irish stating that he will too before tossing his earpiece away. Irish directs the Exodus to head for the coordinates of the crashsite in Doha, Qatar, and puts out a call to any listening No-Pats to be there in 36 hours and be ready to fight.[7]

Enroute to Doha, Irish would explain to the No-Pat journalist Kayvan Bechir, who had previously freed Pac from the medical bay, why he had turned on Oz, believing Oz's war would destroy the No-Pats along with the Americans and Russians.[3]

Specialist Abilities[]

"A natural-born leader, Kimble "Irish" Graves, is the commander of the Specialists aboard the Exodus. A native of Brooklyn, New York, his natural leadership qualities and combat skills help keep the Non-Patriated safe from harm. Having seen the cost of war first hand as a former Marine, this skilled engineer is dedicated to protecting both his squad as well as those who cannot fight for themselves.

Irish excels at fortifying positions on the battlefield, and creating small outposts with which others can use as a rallying point to make an attack." Website description


Fortification System Icon.png
"Includes the DCS Deployable Cover to protect from bullets and explosives, and the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel to take down explosive projectiles."

Website description

Irish is equipped with the Fortification System as his speciality. It includes access to the DC-2 Deployable Cover and APS-36 Shootdown Sentry gadgets. The player may freely switch between both gadgets at any time.

Functioning in a similar manner to the IPS Shield in Battlefield 2142, the DC-2 Deployable Cover can be deployed on flat ground, providing hard cover against incoming gunfire. It also features transparent panels to provide vision through the shield.

The APS-36 Shootdown Sentry is capable of tracking and neutralizing (or perhaps pre-detonating) any incoming grenades and missiles in its immediate vicinity.


Irish Veteran Trait Icon.png
"Provides armor, with additional bonuses from downed enemies."

Website description

Irish features the Veteran trait. This provides him with a 10 points of body armor, reminiscent of the ARMOR specialization from Battlefield 4. It also allows him to recover more armor from IBA Armor Plates.


Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
For The People.png For the People Sacrifice Irish to Save the Valkyrie in the Campaign of Battlefield 4 20G Bronze Trophy.png
Luck of the Irish Trophy.png Luck of the Irish Reach Player Level 25 in Battlefield 2042 80G Gold Trophy.png



Battlefield 2042 Kimble Irish Graves Specialist Graves.png Specialist Graves
Battlefield 2042 Kimble Irish Graves Mamba.png Mamba
Battlefield 2042 Kimble Irish Graves Hexmesh Triweave.png Hexmesh Triweave
Irish Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 Kimble Irish Graves Night Operations.png Night Operations
5 kills and assists as Irish
Battlefield 2042 Kimble Irish Graves Navalized.png Navalized
Level 31
Battlefield 2042 Kimble Irish Graves BF2042 Dev.jpeg BF2042 Dev
Exclusive to Developers
Battlefield 2042 Kimble Irish Graves Cobalt Predator.png Cobalt Predator
Pre-Season Week 14 Reward
Battlefield 2042 Kimble Irish Graves Mr Graves.png Mr Graves
Irish Mastery 4 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 Kimble Irish Graves Tier 1.png Tier 1
Irish Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 Kimble Irish Graves Battle Hardened.png Battle Hardened
Pre-order Bonus


Battlefield 4[]

Battlefield 2042[]

Player Cards[]


Battlefield 4[]

  • He seems to be the Automatic Rifleman of the group, as he carries an M249. He also carries a JS2 while escaping Kunlun Mountains prison, as well as a Type 88 LMG at one point in Shanghai.
  • He wears tan Oakley SI assault gloves, similar to the United States Marine Corps Assault and Henry Blackburn of Battlefield 3'.
  • Irish seems to be the most emotionally-driven character in Battlefield 4:
    • When trapped in the car underwater, he tells Recker not to shoot the windshield, even to the point of yelling.
    • He is the most against leaving anyone behind - be they a member of Tombstone or otherwise, especially against Pac and Kovic's arguments.
  • He has a fear of heights, as mentioned in Shanghai, and seen at the end of Tashgar and the beginning of Suez.
  • Irish is possibly a recovering alcoholic, stating at the end of Tashgar he hasn't drunk for three years.
  • Irish appears to be a close friend of Recker; he is always helping and worrying about him.
  • Irish wears clothing unique to himself as opposed to the others of Tombstone – Pac uses the outfit also worn by the USMC Support, whilst Dunn wear the standard BDUs also seen on Major Greenland and the USMC Assault.
  • In the Countdown to War, the novel's telling of the events of Shanghai says Irish wielded a KA-BAR knife (which he would pass on to Kovic), while he never uses a knife at all in-game.
  • An unlockable portrait of Irish can be unlocked for Battlelog through Battlepacks.


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