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Kingdom of Hejz Flag

The Kingdom of Hejaz (Arabic: مملكة الحجاز‎‎, Mamlakat al-Ḥijāz) was a state in the Hejaz region in the Middle East ruled by the Hashemite dynasty. It achieved national independence after the destruction of the Ottoman Empire by the British Empire, during World War I, when the Sharif of Mecca fought in alliance with the British Imperial forces to drive the Ottoman Army from the Arabian Peninsula during the Arab Revolt.

The kingdom was conquered in 1925 by Sultanate of Nejd creating the Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd. On September 1932, the country joined the Saudi dominions of Al-Hasa and Qatif to become the modern Saudi Arabia.[1][2]

Battlefield 1[]

The Kingdom of Hejaz makes an appearance in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield 1 in the War Story Nothing Is Written. Set during the Arab Revolt in 1918, it depicts battles between the British Empire and Kingdom of Hejaz, led by T. E. Lawrence and Zara Ghufran, and the Ottoman Empire which is led by Tilkici. During the campaign, player can see two types of Bedouin insurgents.

  • Riflemen wear gear and uniforms similar to Lawrence - they wear olive clothing and white headgear. They use Martini-Henry rifles.
  • Assaults wear blue/purple clothing and black, full face headgear, and use MP 18. One of assaults, Ahmed, is seen using Auto Revolver, while arresting Tilkici in Hidden in Plain Sight.

Bedouins use Cavalry Sword as melee weapon.



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