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Kiril (Russian: Кирилл) is a character who appears in Battlefield 3. He is a GRU member of Dimitri Mayakovsky's squad, along with Vladimir Kamarivsky during the missions Kaffarov and Comrades.


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"We can avert war between our nations. Just two of us.
No politicians, no money changing hands.
Just two soldiers speaking the truth."
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield 3.

Assaulting Kaffarov[]

The GRU team of Dimitri is tasked to assault the villa of Amir Kaffarov, a nuclear weapons dealer. Kiril is with the team in this task.

Pursuing the WMD[]

At Paris, Dima, Kiril and Vladimir goes to Euronext to fight the People's Liberation and Resistance's cell. Later they fight both National Police and GIGN at the same time as the PLR. Both Dima and Kiril dodged an RPG fired by a PLR terrorist, however this hit Vladimir by blowing up a nearby bus, causing the sharpnel to impale him from it, killing him in the process. Despite Dima dragging away Vladimir's corpse, Kiril claimed that was useless as they would lose the time. When they found the device that was supposed to be, unfortunately, it was nothing but a decoy. The real nuke then explodes at a different location, Dimitri and Kiril are caught in the blast.

At the ending cutscene of The Great Destroyer, it reveals that Dima survived the blast, yet it resulted that he was diagnosed with radiation poisoning, and it is assumed that Kiril suffered the same fate.


  • During the mission Kaffarov, Kiril's A.I. is programmed to have a high probability of throwing grenades and flashbangs at the enemies. Also, Kiril interestingly does not have any grenade limits during said mission.
  • Strangely, in Comrades, there is an American flag engraved onto Kiril's vest, despite him being Russian.
    • During Comrades, he seems to be wearing an American recon outfit with navy blue camouflage minus the scarf, mask, goggles, and US engineer leg models rather than recon leg models. This may be the reason why he has an American flag on his vest.
  • Kiril is always armed with an AS Val.
  • It is likely that Kiril was blinded from the nuclear explosion, as he was directly staring at it, unlike Dima.
  • In both missions with Kiril present, he is the driver of the SUV. This is likely done because of reused animations.
  • Referring to the above, Kiril seems to be a wild driver, as he nearly roadkills several people in Comrades, and cuts in front of the truck in Kaffarov.
  • He is possibly dead, as Gordon states before Comrades that "the only person who knows what happened in Paris is Dima".
  • He appears to be very young as acne scars are still present on his face. He could possibly be in his twenties during the events of Battlefield 3.
  • An early casting call for the game had his name spelled as "Kirill" (with two L's instead of one).[1]
    • His character description in the casting call said, "Silent patient hunter with a brilliant analytical mind for explosives, surveillance or sniping." However, Kiril is never shown using a sniper rifle in the game.


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