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Melee weapons are greatly expanded in variety in Battlefield 4, though they all function identically. Against infantry, knives now exclusively perform knife takedown attacks, with slashing attacks limited to destruction of enemy gadgets or obstacles. Takedowns can be performed at all angles including in water. Knife attacks from the front whilst standing can now be countered if the players hit the melee button within a period of time.

When using other weapons, using Melee Attack will have the player character quickly pulling out their knife and making a slash (or performing a takedown) before switching back their last weapon. Holding Melee Attack will make the knife the player's active weapon after the attack concludes, and will allow melee attacks by using the normal attack button.

Outside of offensive uses, knives also deal greatly increased knockback on beached watercrafts, allowing players to knock beached watercrafts back into the water with knife slashes.

Battlefield 4 features a total of twenty-one knives, all featuring the same statistics and function, and each with its own kill count.


Image Name Description Information Unlocked
BF4 Knife Bayonet Bayonet Standard issue USMC M9 bayonet for melee combat. Use it in melee combat to steal enemy dogtags.
  • Default
BF4 Shank Shank Improvised prison melee weapon to take down enemies in close quarters and steal their dogtags.
BF4 Machete Machete Dima's Spetsnaz Machete, take down an enemy with this melee weapon to steal their dog tags as a trophy.
BF4 Knife ACB-90 ACB-90 Battlefield Veteran knife with added gut-hook to take out an enemy in melee and steal their dog tags.
BF4 Knife Bowie Bowie A well-known fighting knife with a long blade sharpened on both sides near the tip. Use it to steal an opponent's dog tags, and clean the carcass afterwards.
BF4 Knife Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Lightweight and quiet, use this sleek knife in melee combat to steal dog tags from your opponent.
Bf4 knife scout Scout Traditional Swedish Scout knife in laminated steel. Can be used in the field to steal an enemy's dogtags.
Bf4 knife survival Survival Handy blade to have out in the battlefield. Use it in melee combat to steal the dogtags of your enemy.
Bf4 knife trench Trench Modern Trench Knife equipped with a knuckle duster style hand guard for stealing enemy dogtags.
BF4 Knife Boot Boot A short dagger carried inside a boot or strapped to a leg. This backup blade comes in handy opening a stubborn ration pack or relieving an enemy of his dog tags.
BF4 Knife SEAL SEAL This knife has passed one of the most rigorous evaluation programs in the world. It can be relied upon to swiftly and cleanly steal enemy dog tags while retaining its razor sharp edge.
BF4 Knife Improvised Improvised Sometimes you need to make your own blade for when things get down and dirty. Utilize this make-shift weapon in melee to steal your enemy's dogtags.
BF4 Knife Dive Dive Crafted to withstand the harshness of the deep sea. An indispensable tool in any diver's kit. Use it in melee combat to steal your enemy's dogtags.
BF4 Knife Tactical Tactical The recurve design of this blade extends its cutting edge and adds extra bite when slicing through objects or stealing an enemy's dogtags.
BF4 Knife BJ-2 BJ-2 A knife designed for the battlefields of the future. That doesn't mean you have to wait to get your hands on it. Use it to steal your enemy's dogtags today!
BF4 Knife Precision Precision Machined from a single piece of steel, this lightweight dagger is a solid choice for stealing your enemy's dogtags.
BF4 Knife Neck Neck A small knife usually carried in a sheath worn around the neck on a breakaway chain. Readily available and easy to deploy, use it to steal your enemy's dogtags.
BF4 Tanto Tanto A heavy tanto style blade. The angled grip excels at puncturing hard targets. Use it to steal dog tags from your enemy.
BF4 Weaver Weaver Forged using experimental 3D weave technology. Use it to steal an opponent's dog tags.
BF4 C100 C100 Your very own bipod knife, no bucket required. Rumored to be the favorite weapon of the greatest soldier on the battlefield.
  • Reference to the knife of "The Colonel 100" from the Battlefield Friends Machinima series
BF4 Icicle Icicle
  • Replaces the default knife and is held until death. Respawns after a certain amount of time and awards the Cold Blooded trophy/achievement upon obtaining a kill.


Takedowns are triggered whenever the player uses the melee attack while within melee range with an enemy. If a player is attacked by a melee takedown from the front while standing or crouching, completing a QTE will allow the player to counter knife the attacker.

Target Stance Direction Action
Standing Front The attacker attempts to stab the target in the chest, but the target grabs and holds back his arm. The attacker punches the target in the face with his left fist, dropping the target's guard. He stabs the target in the chest and steals his dogtags.
Front Counter The attacker attempts to stab the target in the chest, but the target grabs and holds back his arm. The target grabs the attacker's elbow with his left hand and shoves the attacker's forearm down with his right, causing him to stab himself in the abdomen. He rips off the attacker's dogtags as he falls.
Left The attacker shoves the knife edge into the target's jugular vein. The target grabs the attacker's chest in shock while the attacker rips off his dogtags. The target is shoved backwards and spun around as the attacker forcefully pulls the knife out.
Right The attacker grabs the target's shoulder and punches his face with the butt of the knife. The attacker stabs the target's throat and pulls off his dogtags as he falls to the ground.
Back The attacker grabs the target's left shoulder and kicks out his right leg. As he falls back, the attacker spins the defender around, stabs him in the chest, and steals his dogtags as he falls to the ground.
Crouching Front The attacker attempts to stab the target's throat but the target holds back his arm. The attacker rips off the target's dogtags and does a straight knee strike to his chin. The attacker pulls the target back by the collar as he recoils, stabs him in the right side of his neck, and throws him to the ground.
Front Counter The attacker attempts to stab the target's throat but the target holds back his arm. The target uppercuts the attacker and pulls his dogtags off. The target grabs the attackers right wrist and forces the attacker to slit his own throat with the knife and shoves him to the ground.
Left The attacker lunges down, grabs the target's right arm, and slices his jugular. The attacker grabs the target's dogtags and pushes him to the ground.
Right The attacker reaches over the target's arm and rips off the target's dogtags. The target turns startled, and is stabbed in the chest and shoved to the ground.
Back The attacker puts the target in a headlock, pulls him back, and stabs him in the chest. He pulls off his dogtags and drops him to the ground.
Prone Front The attacker lunges down to stab the target, while the target tries to raise his hand to hold him back. The attacker shoves the target's arm and twists it over his back, forcing him to roll over. The attacker leans down, stabs the target in the throat, and steals his dogtags.
Left The attacker kicks the target's left elbow, making him drop his weapon. The attacker drops to his knees, rolls the target on his side, grabs his dogtags, and uses a two-handed upward slash to slice his throat.
Right The attacker rolls the target over by kicking him in the ribs. He lunges downward, holds the target down, and stabs him once in the neck, and 2 times in the chest. The attacker pulls off his dogtags and stands back up.
Back The attacker jumps on the target's back as he turns in surprise. The attacker pulls off the target's dogtags and stabs him in the throat.



Main article: Battlefield 4 Achievements and Trophies

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Turn Around Turn Around... 5 Knife Takedowns in Multiplayer 10G Bronze
Cold Blooded Cold Blooded Get a Kill with an Icicle 20G Bronze


Battlefield 4[]

  • In the singleplayer, the Bayonet knife is standard throughout nearly all missions, only replaced once with a Shank given by Dima to Recker in Kunlun Mountains.
  • The HUD animates the display of dog tags taken from enemies.
  • Players cannot counter knife if they are prone when a front knife takedown is performed on them.
  • Players who are operating equipment (Ex: mortar, SUAV, EOD bot) can still have knife takedowns performed on them, however, players in open vehicles (Ex: TOW Launcher, Quad Bike) can not have knife takedowns performed on them.
  • Every knife except the C100 references the ability to steal enemies' dog tags.
  • The C100 knife is a reference to the "Colonel 100" in the popular machinima series Battlefield Friends. In the episode TUGS Life, the Colonel 100 unlocks a bipod for his default combat knife. "Shit bucket" is also a popular phrase of the series referencing Colonel 100's that have "no lives"
  • The Icicle does not appear in Battlelog, even after the "Cold Blooded" achievement/trophy has been completed.

Battlefield 4: Countdown to War[]

  • Kovic attempts to kill Tsu with a shank, but fails, with the result of the weapon falling off the mountain they're on.
  • Irish gives Kovic a KA-BAR knife during the latter's extraction from the Zhi Yu tower.