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The Knife is a class of melee weapons featured in Battlefield V for all kits. Knives are unlocked by increasing the rank of each respective kit or through special challenges. All knives are statistically the same, having a damage output of 35 per hit. Knives also have the largest takedown range of all melee weapons. Unlike other melee weapons, knives cannot break windows or other small objects.


Image Name Description Unlocked
BFV Scout Knife
Scout Knife M1916
At the fall of France in 1940, the German infantry captured a large number of French knives which they later used in Norway. They had a wooden handle and double-edged blade.
BFV EGW Survival Knife
EGW Survival Knife
The EGW survival knife was never officially issued by the US Army, though soldiers often bought one for themselves. They were very versatile with a serrated back edge but were also prone to rust.
Reach chapter rank 6 in War in the Pacific


Image Name Description Unlocked
BFV British Army Jack Knife
British Army Jack Knife
The jack knife was given to nearly every British soldier in World War II. It had a folding blade of about three inches, as well as a combined tin opener and screwdriver tool.
Reach rank 18 with any class
BFV Elite Combat Dagger
MKIII(S) Elite Combat Dagger
The MKIII(S) Elite Combat Dagger is a heavily modified German weapon, redesigned for lightness and versatility in survival situations and close combat. A tool appropriate for wilderness use as well as an instrument of death, this is an Operative's best (and sometimes only) friend in the field.
Pre-order bonus
BF5 Arditi Dagger
Arditi Dagger
The Arditi were an elite unit of Italian shock troops during World War I. Disbanding after the war, they were notorious for employing daggers as their primary weapon.
Complete Defying The Odds Week 6 Challenges
BF5 Fairbairn Sykes
Fairbairn Sykes
Fairbairn and Sykes were experts in knife fighting and channelled that experience into the design of their knife. It had a double edge and foil grip and was a favorite among Allied Special forces.
Complete Defying The Odds Week 9 Challenges


Image Name Description Unlocked
BFV Solveig's Knife
Solveig's Knife
A hunting knife from the Northern part of Europe. Useful for skinning and gutting all sorts of fish and game. A classic utility blade that can also be used for self-defence.
Complete all Nordlys War Story Challenges
BFV Fallskirmjaeger Switchblade
Fallschirmjäger Switchblade
Unlike many switchblades, the German paratrooper version was not spring-loaded. Although drawing the blade was not as instantaneous, it was still considered dangerous in the right hands.
Complete Trial By Fire Week 10 Challenges
BFV Broken Bottle Weapon
Broken Bottle
Improvised weapons were often a neccessity during wartime. Bottles tended to be in abundance both in urban and rural situations, whether they were discovered or property of the soldiers.
Reach chapter rank 38 in Defying The Odds
BFV Combat Knife
Combat Knife
A combat and utility knife designed as much as a tool as it is a weapon.
Reach chapter rank 37 in War in the Pacific.
BFV Sai Knife
While it's appearance is intimidating generally the points are blunted rather than sharp. This increased the utility of the design by allowing the weapon to be manipulated into various positions without the danger or harming oneself.
Reach chapter rank 39 in Into The Jungle.


Image Name Description Unlocked
BFV K98 Bayonet
K98 Bayonet
The K98 Bayonet was the standard bayonet given to German soldiers during World War II. It was fitted for the Kar98 rifle and came with a wood or bakelite handle.
Complete Ernst Schubert's Special Assignment
BFV Poignard
This type of dagger was used for centuries. It was popular in France among other countries.
Complete Hanna Delacroix's Special Assignment
BFV German Naval Dagger
German Naval Dagger
This dagger was carried by German naval officers starting in the 1930s.
Complete Wilhelm Tannstedt's Special Assignment
BF5 British Naval Dagger
British Naval Dagger
Nicknames are common in times of war. In the case of the Royal British Navy, a dagger is often called a "dirk".
Complete Norman Kingsley's Special Assignment
BFV Hachiwari
Designed as a multi purpose melee weapon, the hook-like protrusion was originally used to grab the cords of armor and helmets.
Complete Keisuke Nakamura's Special Assignment
BFV Knuckle Duster
Knuckle Duster
Many ideas were experimented with during the first Great War regarding close quarters combat. This design was the result of an attempt to have as many offensive options as possible.
Complete Steve Fisher's Special Assignment
Golden Eagle
A well worn blade adorned with a brass pommel sculpted into an eagle head. It has been passed on to several members of the demolition section as a sign of respect and thanks.
Complete Jonathan McNiel's Special Assignment


  • The MKIII(S) Elite Combat Dagger has the Sulis logo on the pommel of the blade.
  • The Combat Knife was originally known as the KA-BAR Combat Knife.