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The Knife is a weapon featured in Battlefield Heroes and is issued to the Commando class for both factions. The maximum effective range is 4 meters while the Super/Uber variants are 5 meters. They have a velocity of 10 m/s multiplied by 0.2 seconds. Rather than bullet-like damage fixed on a crosshair, the knife inflicts splash-like damage, spread within either 2 meters or 3 meters for Super/Uber variants of the wielder.

Image Name Description Unlocked
BFH Royal Knife
BFH Konrad's Knife
  • Royal Knife
  • Konrad's Knife
Close quarters melee weapon for those silent moments.
BFH Royal's Dapper Knife
BFH Konrad's Stylish Knife
  • Royal's Dapper Knife
  • Konrad's Stylish Knife
Same as the original Royal/Konrad's Knife with a fresh new look!
  • 799P4F Funds BFH (One Day)
  • 2,519P4F Funds BFH (Forever)
BFH Royal's Super Knife
BFH Konrad's Uber Knife
  • Royal's Super Knife
  • Konrad's Uber Knife
More range and damage than the original Royal/Konrad's Knife!
  • 450 Valor Point Small (One Day)
  • 1,350 Valor Point Small (Three Days)
  • 899P4F Funds BFH (One Day)
  • 1,259P4F Funds BFH (14 Days)
  • 3,359P4F Funds BFH (Forever)
BFH Knuckleduster Dagger Knuckleduster Dagger A perfect weapon for those surprise attacks deep behind enemy lines.
  • 999P4F Funds BFH (One Day)
  • 4,999P4F Funds BFH (Forever)
BFH Dirk's Digger Dirk's Digger For digging graves.
  • 999P4F Funds BFH (One Day)
  • 4,999P4F Funds BFH (Forever)