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"Employed by frontline infantry in a similar capacity as the EU SCAR 11, the Krylov FA-37 fires a comparable caseless armor-piercing round with considerably more recoil due to its lighter weight, hollow graphite stock. The PAC assault rifle is equally effective in winter environments, utilizing a built-in thermal dispenser. Appreciably damaging, but less accurate when fired fully automatic, the Krylov FA-37 is often operated in single-shot mode, precision enhanced via a fixed-position optical sight."

— In-Game Description

The Krylov FA-37 is an assault rifle featured in Battlefield 2142, serving as the default weapon for the Pan-Asian Coalition Assault kit. The European Union Assault is issued the SCAR 11 rifle instead. Like all Assault rifles in the game, it is compatible with the Herzog AR-Shotgun and PK-74 AR-Rocket attachments. When equipped, the rounds are used in a small cylinder magazine loaded directly into the underbarrel attachment featured on the weapon, and can be selected with a switch on the weapon's left side.

The Krylov is very similar in function to the SCAR 11, but is overall more reliable due to its higher rate of fire and tighter spread, although it does have higher recoil when fired fully automatic. Between the Krylov's high fire rate of 900, its moderate damage, and surprising long range, it is effective in almost any situation. It is on par with the Voss L-AR in close quarters with its firerate and can compete with the SCAR 11 at most other ranges when fired in semi-automatic. The Krylov mainly struggles with its high recoil when fired continuously and at very long ranges, where it can be out damaged by the Baur H-AR and Recon's rifles.

Like the SCAR, the Krylov is most effective when fired in short bursts, although it can be reasonably kept on target in fully automatic if the player controls its vertical recoil. Since it can already perform well in close quarters, the Herzog shotgun isn't as necessary as on the SCAR, so the player can opt to equip one of the other gadgets, like the PK-74 rockets or CM3-N Radar Grenade, alongside the Defibrillator.


  • The trademarks on the left side of the Krylov read DICE Arms, referencing DICE as the developers of the game.


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