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Kubra Dam is a map featured in Battlefield 2. Air support is available to both teams, but only on the 64-player version of the map. It is recommended for players to use kits with weaponry suitable for close quarters as much of the map's main combat zones will be in tight, confined spaces.

Both teams will have Air support on the 64-player version of the map. The USMC will have an F-18 Hornet Fighter and an F-15E Strike Eagle Fighter-Bomber for their air support. The MEC's air support comprises a Russian MiG-29 Fighter and a Russian Su-34 Fighter-Bomber.


"Active Component brigades of the US Marines are deploying toward a key dam site in the Saudi desert, intent upon control of this strategic location. To counter the threat, MEC forces are advancing their own mobile brigades to blunt the US spearhead. This rough desert terrain contains a mix of terrain types, requiring the utmost in tactical flexibility by both US and MEC soldiers. The ultimate objective of both sides in this battle is to gain control of the entire Kubra Dam sector."


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