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"What the L5 Riesig Battlewalker lacks in forward velocity, it makes up for ten-fold in offensive potency and scope. The bipedal configuration of this next generation assault unit enables it to traverse almost all terrains while its elevated vantage point, providing long distance viewing and multi-directional targeting, gives it a significant advantage over low height, horizontally-based agents. Manned by two occupants, the Battlewalker is outfitted with an array of weaponry, including two rapid-fire cannons and a dual-arena, infrared homing missile system. The Battlewalker armor is multi-layered, combining steel and reinforced plastic laminates with kinetic energy and heat absorbing materials. An automatic Active Defense System assists in resisting air and ground fired rocket attacks."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The L5 Riesig as it appears in Battlefield 2142.

The L5 Riesig (German for 'gigantic') is a heavily armoured, powerful and maneuverable German Battle Walker used by the European Union during the 22nd Century. It appears in Battlefield 2142.

The Riesig was inspired by the PAC's 'T1' Battle Walker, which would eventually be developed into the T-39 Bogatyr. Whilst PAC has long had the more advanced Battle Walkers, the latest versions of the Riesig are up to the standard of their counterparts by the outbreak of The Cold War.

At long range, the Riesig's AV missiles snake around less than the Bogatyr, giving it a slight advantage.



  • Two mounted gatling guns
  • Infrared Missile System
  • One mounted Anti Aircraft/Anti Infantry MG
  • MG mounted EMP infrared missile system


  • Steel + Reinforced Plastic laminates
  • Outer Layered Insulating Materials



  • One pilot
  • One gunner


  • Two reinforced piston operated legs
  • One high powered drive engine


  • It is possible to crouch with the L5 Riesig by pressing the Prone Key (Default: Z). This, however, does not affect accuracy in any way and renders the walker immoblie, but may help to take cover more readily in urban combat.