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"Part of the SA80 family, the L85A2 is the standard assault rifle of the British Armed Forces."

— In-game description

The L85A2 is a well rounded assault rifle, functioning similarly to the M416 and ACE 23. They are all built as 'jack-of-all-trades' weapons, having the power to stay competitive at closer ranges, and having the accuracy and control to engage at further ranges without much of a problem.

As the L85A2 is a bullpup weapon, it gains better performance to spread while moving and also improving hipfire accuracy. This increase to hipfire spread is useful when in a tight situation in CQB, as it can reliably put bullets on target, more so than the other mid 700 rpm rifles.

When engaging targets out at further ranges, the L85A2 is reliable. Its bullet velocity is quicker than its contemporaries, a solid 640 m/s, meaning that where the weapon is aimed is most likely where the bullet will land, and less lead time on moving targets. This helps when paired with the L85's low recoil, having a balanced horizontal deviation of .225 and a vertical kick of .37, which paired with the average fire rate of 750 RPM makes the L85A2 exceptionally predictable. To dial in the accuracy of the weapon further, it also has one of the most tame first shot recoil of 1.7x, the second lowest of the rifles. This makes fighting the recoil easier and bursting the weapon at longer ranges more reliable.

The L85A2 doesn't really have much downsides, other than the slow reload. The tactical reload of 2.4 seconds is middling compared to other rifles, but the empty reload can be a setback in shootouts. At 3.7 seconds, it takes more than a second to reload from empty. Even though this sounds bad, it can be handled through being mindful of ammo conservation.

Attachments on the L85A2 are mainly used to further improve the weapon's statistics. It unlocks American attachments first, then Chinese and Russian attachments can be found in battlepacks afterwards.

If players who are starting out with the weapon have a hard time controlling the recoil, as low as it is, muzzle brakes and compensators can be attached to lower it even more. Later on down the unlock tree, the suppressor can help in CQB when users want to stay off the minimap when sneaking around flanks and picking off enemies. Spread-controlling attachments like the heavy barrel and the stubby grip can turn the L85A2 into a 30-round laser beam even at long ranges, and has the ability to pick off snipers at longer ranges if microbursting and recoil control are practiced.

Overall, the L85A2 fulfills its role on the battlefield as a well rounded rifle, performing well at CQB but losing against fast firing weapons like the FAMAS. It handles well in medium ranges, and has a lot of range but will be beaten by snipers at extreme range.



  • Along with the other weapons of the first three expansions for Battlefield 4, the L85A2 has an in-game description, but it can only be viewed when the weapon is unlocked at the end of a round or if it is equipped in a gadget slot using external tools.
  • Camo paints applied to the L85A2 are applied to the plastic handguard, cheek rest and pistol grip. The L86A2 is the opposite, with camo paints instead applied to the gun's receiver, and its plastic parts left the normal tan/cream colour.
  • The iron sights on this gun are a little less sharp to use than in Battlefield 3, because the tritium dots embedded in the iron sights are no longer present in the Battlefield 4 version.
  • The L85A2 has unique animations for the M320 underbarrel grenade launcher, however the grenade launcher handling sounds are massively out of time with the actual animation due to the recycling of sound sequence timings.
  • The Laser Sight attachment icon doesn't appear on the HUD, making it hard to discern whether or not it is turned on or off.
    • This can be handled by just tapping the input and watching the crosshairs. If they appear smaller, the laser is on and giving you the hipfire boost. If it's bigger, it's off.