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The subject of this article is a recent or unreleased addition to a Battlefield game. It may contain speculation or errors.
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The SVP-21 (Sudno na Vozdushnoy Podushke Ship with Air Cushion) is a future military hovercraft that will someday be built by Russia. Equipped with considerable armor, its development may yet lead to ever more impressive vehicles such as hover tanks.

Battlefield 2042[]

"Russian designed combat hovercraft used for coastal mobility and amphibious raids. Powered by a 160hp rear-mounted fan motor, the SVP-21 reaches speeds exceeding 60mph."

— In-game description

The LCAA Hovercraft is a scout vehicle featured in Battlefield 2042. The four-seat hovercraft carries an array of weapons including a Minigun, 40mm Grenade Launcher, or 12.7mm HMG; and two side-mounted light machine guns. It can protect itself by laying smoke, and can receive a repair system upgrade. It is available as a call-in on all maps.

It can withstand small arms gunfire not specifically designed for armor piercing, and provides full enclosure for all occupants. However, occupants can still be shot through its windows by many small arms.

Though not immune to fall damage, it can survive falls from great heights that would easily destroy other ground vehicles. Given sufficient elevation, it can also climb up the sides of many buildings. However, it does struggle against facilities placed on many roofs such as catwalks, staircases, and HVAC.

Patch History[]

  • Battlefield 2042/Patch Notes/Update 2 – The LCAA was originally released with heavy armor, making it much more durable against certain heavy weapon systems. Update 2 lowered the protection level to light armor.


  • Although meant for ground transport, the LCAA is somehow capable of adhering to the sides of buildings, and has enough "forward" thrust to lift the hovercraft at a steady rate. When driving off a roof, its back-heavy design also makes it very likely that it can land on and crawl up the side of another building.[1]