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LCVP 1945

An LCVP in reality

The LCVP, or Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel, was an American assault boat that saw widespread use in both European and Pacific theaters. It was famous for its ability to transport an entire platoon of troops from ship to shore, and extricate itself without being beached. It appears in Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 1943.

Battlefield 1942Edit


USMC personnel about to land on Iwo Jima


LCVPs landing at Midway; Enterprise's silhouette can be seen in the background

In Battlefield 1942, the LCVP is a naval craft used by the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army. It can transport up to six people in passenger slots and a few more if they jump into the boat manually, though this does cause visual glitches. There are seats for the driver and a single gunner manning an M2 Browning. In front of the driver are another four slots for passengers. The craft's sole purpose is transportation of troops onto land, and the driver can manually open the front ramp to allow the troops inside the LCVP but not in an attached position to exit. Because the vessel's armour is weak, meaning it can suffer against land-based heavy machine guns and enemy fighters, and the machine gun is only effective against infantry,  the LCVP is unsuitable for engaging in combat against naval vessels or hostile vehicles.

Battlefield 1942: The Road to RomeEdit

In Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome, the LCVP is used by the Royal Italian Army, the United States Army and the British Army. It is identical in stats to the LCVP in the base game, however the Italian one has an RIA insignia on it.



Battlefield 1943Edit

The LCVP features heavily in Battlefield 1943, being present on Wake Island and Iwo Jima, where they are key to the USMC's battle. There are always 4 LCVPs attached to the USMC Carrier, and mount 2 .30 calibre M1919 machine guns, as well as having space for 3 passengers and a driver as well as the 2 gunners. The LCVP can also be found on Wake Island when the USMC controls the Airfield flag, and can be useful for flanking attacks or reinforcing positions. Unlike in Battlefield 1942 the players can't enter the boat manually (without 'hopping in') and the driver does not need to open the doors upon reaching the land or objective. The LCVP can also be vulnerable to aircraft fire.

Note: the LCVP is also used by the Imperial Japanese Navy instead of the Daihatsu Transport Boat. The reasons are unknown, although it could be the balance issues or size issues.