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The LD-2000 on its trailer.

The LD-2000 Anti-Air emplacement is a land-based variant of the Type 730 (H/PJ12) a Chinese seven-barreled 30mm Gatling gun CIWS. In place of the Type 730's electro-optical tracking system, it has a thermal imaging sight to supplement the radar system. Its maximum rate of fire is 5800 RPM, and the effective range is up to three kilometers.

Battlefield 4[]

In Battlefield 4, the LD-2000 AA is an automated anti-air emplacement. It is the Chinese equivalent of the American Centurion C-RAM and Russian Pantsir-S1. The LD-2000 is situated outside the starting base for the PLA and will automatically shoot at spotted enemy aircraft that pass close to the friendly spawn area.

The LD-2000's 30mm cannon is very accurate, and it's high damage and fire rate make quick work of hostile aircraft heading for the deployment. The emplacement can come in handy in the case of an enemy jet tailing a player close to their base; if the player can get close to the LD-2000 and can spot the enemy fighter, the stationary AA will fire on the jet, forcing them to give up the chase or be shot down.



  • The LD-2000 is the only stationary AA to not appear anywhere other than its team's deployment, the Centurion C-RAM appears on a flag in Paracel Storm, and the Pantsir-S1 is present at the first Rush base on Hammerhead.
  • Even though it can not be operated by players, Battlelog previously listed it, along with the Pantsir-S1 and Centurion C-RAM, in the vehicle stats menu and had a number for kills accumulated while using it. Since the weapon cannot be operated directly, their entry in the list has since been removed.
  • The LD-2000 only has a solitary turret without any computing room as base, while the Centurion C-RAM and Pantsir-S1 both have such bases.
  • Like the other two automated AA guns, standing in front of the gun while it is shooting will damage the player. However, they cannot die from this, even when the health counter visibly reaches zero.
  • The player can be credited with kills with the AA gun, despite not normally being possible. An enemy aircraft needs to be damaged to the point of catching fire (I.E, critically disabled), then spotted. The AA gun will deal the last few points of damage needed to kill the aircraft. If the pilot and any occupants remain inside the aircraft when it is destroyed, the kill is credited to the player who spotted the aircraft, and the weapon used to kill them will show up as the AA gun in the killfeed.