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The Lahti-Saloranta M/26, also known as the LS/26, is a light machine gun which was designed by Aimo Lahti and Arvo Saloranta in 1926. The weapon was able to fire in both full automatic and semi-automatic modes. Both 20-round box and 75-round drum magazines were produced, but the Finnish army seems to have only used the smaller 20-round magazine.

In the Winter War, there were two squads in each platoon that provided covering fire for two ten-man rifle squads. In each squad, there was one M/26 gunner, one assistant and the rest of the men carrying rifles.[1]

Battlefield VEdit

"A Finnish light machine gun that saw use in the Winter and Continuation War against the Soviet Union."

— In-game description

The LS/26 is a weapon introduced to Battlefield V in the third Tides of War chapter, Trial By Fire. Available for the Support kit, it could be unlocked by completing all challenges in week 5 before it was made available for purchase in The Company.

Despite its 600 RPM fire rate being mediocre amongst the LMGs, the LS/26 is categorized as a "CQB LMG" alongside the FG-42 and BAR M1918A2.[2] Characteristic of this classification is the weapon's high damage drop-off, which although not quite as severe as its counterparts, sees the weapon drop from a four to five bullet kill at 10m and six at just 30m, and is overall a nine shot kill at max range. The weapon is relatively effective at close range, although 600 RPM is a relatively low rate in comparison to other automatic weapon classes such as SMGs, most of which can handily outdamage the LS/26. When considering the weapon's primary drawback, namely its low magazine capacity of 20 rounds, the LS/26 is inherently limited to engaging small amounts of enemies at a time, and reloads are frequent. Furthermore, its ability to deal damage at range consistency is impaired by low per-shot damage and highest-in-class recoil, although its unupgraded bullet velocity is best amongst LMGs at 800 m/s. In this role, the LS/26 greatly benefits from support from the Bipod while firing.

Unlike most other weapons the LS/26s primary weaknesses, specifically its small magazine capacity, moderate rate of fire and cumulative time spent reloading, cannot be corrected using Specializations. The tree instead focuses on upgrades to expedient handling, accuracy in various stances and recoil mitigation, dispersed between both the left and right paths.


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