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"Originally designed for early century Special Operations Forces, the modernized Lambert Carbine remains the weapon of choice for urban warfare, given its maneuvering-enhancing compact design and rapid rate of fire. What the Lambert Carbine lacks in stopping power, it makes up for tenfold in usability. Made from SB-7, the latest polyimide matrix material, the rugged yet lightweight Lambert Carbine produces minimal recoil ensuring accurate burst suppression. The double magazine feeding system and compressed, low caliber ammunition enables unmatched fire volume."

— In-Game Description

The Lambert Carbine is a carbine featured in Battlefield 2142. It is only available to the Recon class on either side as an unlock.

Most of its stats are a mix of low-end stats from other weapons - the fire rate is as low as the SCAR 11 (despite the official description), the damage is as low as the Krylov FA-37s, and it has also the shortest range and longest reload time. Accuracy and recoil are average. However, it is still an automatic assault rifle-type weapon for the Recon kit, and as such is still useful as it changes the purpose of the kit entirely.

The weapon cannot equip Herzog AR-Shotgun or PK-74 AR-Rocket attachments, as they are only available to the Assault class.


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