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Lanchester IRL

A British Lanchester in reality

The Lanchester is a submachine gun manufactured by the Sterling Armaments Company between 1941 and 1945 as a copy of the MP28. It was primarily used by the British Royal Navy and Royal Air Force during World War II. It was given the general designation of Lanchester after George Herbert Lanchester who was charged with producing the weapon at the Sterling Armaments Company. The Lanchester had a heavy wooden butt and stock, a machined steel action and breech block, a magazine housing made from solid brass and a mounting on the muzzle for use of a long bladed 1907 bayonet. The rifling differed from the German original in details to accommodate various lots of 9mm ammunition then being acquired for service use. The Lanchester also reused furniture from the Lee-Enfield.[1]

Battlefield VEdit

The Lanchester is a submachine gun set to be added to Battlefield V. It was first mentioned in the game files as well as an in-game weapon proficiency dog tag.


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