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An LST During WWII

The Landing Ship, Tank or LST was an American designed amphibious warfare ship used during World War II. As the name suggests, the ship was used to land heavy cargo such as tanks directly onto the shore without the need for docks or piers, and featured a large door and a ramp to facilitate this, as well as propellers protected against grounding and a special keel to keep the vessel upright during beaching. More than 1,000 ships were laid down during the war, seeing action in both the European and Pacific theaters.

Battlefield V[]

The Landing Ship, Tank appears as an unusable naval vessel in Battlefield V.


LSTs make a single appearance in singleplayer in the opening cutscene of Tirailleur, where Deme and several other Free French soldiers can be seen disembarking from the ships in Provence. Due to the framing of the scene, the full model of the ship is not seen, only the ramp and interior bay.


The LST was added to multiplayer with the War in the Pacific Tides of War chapter. The vessel appears in great numbers on the maps Pacific Storm and Iwo Jima, both as a background map object as well as a deployment point for the USA team.

When out at sea, such as in the first phase of Breakthrough, players can spawn directly on the LST which holds a maximum of two LVTs and four LCVPs to enable those aboard to reach the shore. While the LVTs drive directly off the ship deck using the ramp, the LCVPs are suspended over the side of the ship on winches, which drops the boat onto the sea surface when the pilot tries to drive forward. A 40mm AA gun is located at the bow of the ship for air defense, although a second gun on the stern appears on the ships on Wake Island. If players jump off the ship, they can climb back onto the deck using rope nets draped over the sides.

LSTs are also found beached on the coast, such as on Beachhead Red on Iwo Jima or Adawo Island on Pacific Storm Conquest. In this guise, they function similarly to the LCAC from Battlefield 3, allowing the spawning of heavy vehicles such as tanks. In addition to vehicles, infantry Supply Stations and M2 Flamethrower Battle Pickups may be found on deck, depending on the gamemode.

Low detail versions of the LST can also be found outside the map boundaries, placed alongside similarly unusable Yorktown-class aircraft carriers, Iowa-class Battleships and Fletcher-class destroyers to create map ambience.



Battlefield V[]

  • When spawning on the ships during the preround, an announcer and bugle calls can be heard playing over the tannoy.