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Tlr-2 on-g17

A combination laser/light module on a G17.

A Laser/Light Combo is a weapon attachment which allows the user to switch between a laser aiming dot or a flashlight, depending on the situation. Many special forces utilize it.

Battlefield 4

The Laser/Light Combo is a weapon attachment in Battlefield 4. It allows the player to switch between laser and light modes, at the cost of not being able to turn it off. Either the laser or the light must be on at all times, reducing stealth capability for the weapon, but allowing for greater versatility. This unlock is only acquirable via battlepacks.


  • The Laser/Light Combo for primary weapons is modeled after the AN/PEQ-15. 
  • Only on the USAS-12, the Laser/Light Combo will have a green laser beam instead of a red one.
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